People’s California serves the smoking and vaping needs of Orange County and the surrounding area, and we could not be more at home showing you the latest and greatest tools for your med and rec cannabis needs! THC vapes have become very popular in recent years due to their convenience and versatility. By using extracts, cannabis cartridges can maintain potency while also giving partakers with sensitive lungs an easier time. Your friendly neighborhood pot shop is here to provide you with a rundown on cannabis THC vapes and cartridges. After reading, feel free to contact us with any questions for a fast response from our passionate and knowledgeable staff.

How Cannabis Cartridges Work

THC vape cartridges contain concentrated liquids made from any number of cannabis strain varieties, and the extracts are then heated into vapor with the press of a button. Cannabis cartridges come in several forms, including glass, metal, plastic, and other innovative designs which use wicks and pods – the right one for you will depend on the vaporizer itself. When selecting the vaporizer, ask about the pros and cons of each cartridge variety so that your equipment accommodates the THC cartridges you want to use most.

Additionally, cannabis vaporizers come in various makes, models, and styles. Though vaping pens are most common (due to their mobility and discretion), there are also stationary devices (such as the infamous “volcano”) which, functionally speaking, serve as the vaping equivalent of bongs. There are even disposable THC vapes for your convenience.

Benefits of Cartridges Over Cannabis Flower

People turn to THC cartridges and vaping instead of traditional smoking methods for several reasons. One reason is that vaporizing cannabis creates far fewer heavy particulates, making it easier on the lungs. Because the bioactive compounds are released at a much lower temperature, it isn’t necessary to burn the entire bud as with smoking joints or in glass pieces. The desired effects can still be obtained through more controlled use of heat that vaporizes the THC and other important compounds using an electric heating element.

This brings up another benefit: the discretion vaporizers provide over smoking. Though cannabis has been finally legalized, there is still apprehension about its normalcy, and some people cannot enjoy their medicinal plant substances as freely as they would like. Some simply take to edibles instead, but these produce a distinctly different high than obtained from burning cannabis. The solution is vaporizers – they leave little odor and are often hard to tell apart from nicotine vaporizers, which are also common.

THC cartridges have a near-endless variety of fun and exciting flavors to choose from and make each time feel like the first. Cannabis oils are often infused with food-grade oils, such as those used for aromatherapy, and it makes for a fresh, interesting take on an old tradition. On top of it all, the bioactive compounds of cannabis are better preserved in extract form, meaning THC cartridges hold their potency much longer over time than flower.

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