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Enjoy Seth Rogen’s Cannabis with Your Buds

Trust Seth Rogen to find California’s best cannabis. The actor and producer is best-known for his leading man roles in movies like Knocked Up and Pineapple Express, but the stoner persona isn’t just an act—this man loves his weed. Seth’s finally here with his own brand of top-tier flower, and People’s is the place to find it.

If you’re looking to unwind after a busy day or you want a relaxing smoke to enjoy in the Southern California sunshine, Houseplant Indica is the flower of choice. It’s specially curated by Seth and his childhood best friend Evan to provide a calm, soothing experience. Fresh, strong buds harvested from only the peak of the plant put this cannabis on another level. Currently available in Banana Belt.

Houseplant | People's California

Enhance Your Productivity with Houseplant Sativa

Houseplant Sativa is best for the stoner who’s up and on the go. Need to clean your apartment, or just looking to load up before a surf sesh? Pick this blend of uplifting strains. Seth and Evan turn to this when they need to get something done. They’ve assured us that it’s been rigorously tested, so you know this is the good shit. Like Houseplant Indica, these nugs are large, dense, and harvested off the best part of the plant, so you can’t go wrong with either choice—it’s just about your personal preferences. Currently available in Diablo Wind and Pancake Ice.

Houseplant | People's California

Where to Find Seth Rogen’s Favorite Marijuana

When someone loves what they do, it shows—and the high quality (no pun intended) of Seth’s cannabis shows in Houseplant’s delicious terpenes and strong effects.

Find your Houseplant at People’s*! We have free marijuana delivery services online or you can stop by our Santa Ana store to pick up your new favorite flower.

*Limit 1 per customer, per strain. First come, first served. While supplies last.

Houseplant | People's California

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