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The CBD vs THC Secret

By August 5, 2020April 26th, 2022No Comments

Increasing Your CBD vs THC Ratio

When trying edibles for the first time, getting a bit too much THC is not unheard of. Luckily, even though it may be uncomfortable to feel a THC overload, there is absolutely nothing life-threatening about this experience. If you feel “too high” and do not want to feel this way, you can take the edge off – there’s a solution in the plant itself! And, we celebrate this on National CBD Day every August 8th. So whether you’re interested in looking for CBD gummies or CBD oil, the fix is in.

Does CBD Work?

A 2019 study from the European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience showed that high doses of CBD actually work in the body’s endocannabinoid system to reduce the cerebral or psychedelic effects of THC. This means that increasing the ratio of CBD to THC in your body will even out the mind-bending effects of potent cannabis, and you’ll end up with a comfortable buzz.

No More Marijuana Overload Worries

Taking CBD products like tinctures or 10:1 gummies is a great way to bring your THC level down. Cannabis stores near you will most likely have a great selection of these products – and you can even get cannabis delivery. When you’re couch-locked and perhaps uncomfortable, a reliable delivery service will be a lifesaver.

You may think that with widespread quarantines and self-distancing that our party days are over. While we may not see all of our friends and loved ones in person right now, it’s still a good idea to be prepared for any accidental overindulgence. Virtual social gatherings and hangouts are always on the table, and THC-infused food might be, too. Don’t let your own too-strong homemade edibles end your social buzz.

With this tip for relieving that too-high feeling, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you can try a cannabis cocktail, for example. Even though too much THC might make you feel out-of-balance at first, you can get right back into harmony with the natural effects of CBD.

Man vibing out on National CBD Day 2020

CBD vs THC at Home

It’s always wise to have some feel-better home remedies around, and CBD can fill multiple roles. With its ability to balance THC levels plus its anti-inflammatory properties, the positive health effects of CBD are impossible to ignore. CBD allows you to experience the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects, and that may be just what you’re looking for.

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