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The Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

By October 29, 2018April 26th, 2022No Comments

Vaping has taken the world by storm during the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great way to kick the cigarette habit, and it’s generally healthier than smoking. More importantly, vape pens can be used to smoke various forms of everyone’s favorite plant – marijuana! In this day and age, the question “Are there any recreational cannabis dispensaries near me?” is easier to answer than ever. “So cannabis dispensaries near me open now are on almost every corner, but which one is right for me?” Read on to learn how to find the one that will best aid you in enjoying weed with a vape pen.

Why is vaping so popular?

There are many reasons why vaping is the next big thing. Vape pens look and smell better than cigarettes, and are, overall, cheaper. Non-smokers generally don’t like cigarette smoke and often complain if you smoke in their presence. However, no one is bothered by the pleasant smell of vape pens. Even non-smokers enjoy the lovely aromas exuded by nearby vapers!

Most importantly, vaping is healthier than smoking. High combustion chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and carbon monoxide do not enter your lungs when you vape. The ingredients in vapor are purer than those same ingredients in smoke. When marijuana products bought at weed dispensaries near me open now are consumed as vapor, 95% of it are cannabinoids, compared to 88% cannabinoids that are contained in smoke.

Vaping is much more stylish than smoking!

You bet it is. Vape pens are beautiful devices. They resemble sleek, expensive pens with an integrated cartridge for wax, oil, cannabis buds, or any other medicinal herb you prefer. They contain a rechargeable battery and their mouthpiece can be removed for cleaning. They are discrete and simple to use, and they come in a huge number of different colors, sizes, materials, and designs. There’s a vape pen to fit any sensibility!

In addition to that, vape pens don’t shed ash or leave burnt out butts, so there’s no need for ashtrays. They won’t break if you put them in your pocket. They are truly beautiful devices that can be used as a fashion detail, as well as relaxation and symptom relief.

Can I use weed with vape pens?

Absolutely. Oils, waxes, liquids, and dry herbs are the types of marijuana that can be consumed with different vape pens. Oils, shatter, budder, waxes, and hash oil are all highly concentrated forms of cannabis leaves and buds in which the main psychoactive ingredient of marijuana, THC, is extracted from the rest of the plant through the use of a solvent or ice water.

Concentrates are most often made using butane and pressurized carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the purer of the two methods, but butane is still used because it requires less expensive machinery.

Vaping sounds great! Where do I start? Are there dispensaries near me open now?

If you’re searching for dispensaries near me open now, look no further than People’s OC. For any questions or clarifications about vaping, marijuana, and cannabis products, visit our store and our kind and experienced staff will gladly help you out! We look forward to meeting you!