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Retail Marijuana: How Much Does It Cost and Where Can You Buy It

By March 1, 2019April 26th, 2022No Comments

Many people ask: “What are the best marijuana stores in my area?” What they don’t realize is that they don’t even know how much legal cannabis costs, let alone how to go about finding the perfect dispensary in their city. Luckily, these questions are easy to answer.

Read on to learn about general weed prices in California, the way California dispensaries work, and what’s the top place to get recreational weed in Orange County.

How do dispensaries work in California?

Cannabis joints and buds sold legally in California marijuana storesEver since the cannabis tax law and legislation has been put in place at the start of 2018, California has been one of the states that have marijuana stores. They follow most of the same rules weed shops in other states are subject to. First, you will need an ID to enter a weed dispensary.

This can be a personal ID, a driver’s license, or a passport if you’re not a US citizen. Second, after you enter, you’re probably going to have to wait for the first free budtender to attend you. Law requires cannabis stores to serve no more than one customer at a time, so you’ll likely have to wait in line at the checkout too.

This may seem frustrating if, for example, you were hoping to quickly finish your shopping and enjoy a fun day at the Soak City water park. Try not to think about it that way. Instead, use the waiting time to familiarize yourself with the products on display and to plan your purchase.

How much does cannabis cost in California?

The main thing to keep in mind is that not all marijuana is the same. Weed comes in both medicinal and recreational forms. For example, post-workout cannabis products tend to be high in CBD and low in THC, meaning that they can greatly aid post-workout recovery but can’t actually get you high.

Recreational weed, on the other hand, comes in a multitude of strains that vary greatly in their potency. Of course, there are also different types of marijuana edibles that, again, have huge variations in strength, taste, and the amount of cannabis concentrate they contain.

What we’re trying to say with all this is that there is a huge selection of cannabis products that are all designed to serve different purposes and needs. A one-size-fits-all price is simply not possible. The best way to get an accurate price is to visit or call your shop of choice and ask the staff.

What are the best things to get at a dispensary?

The answer to this question depends largely on your own preferences. First ask yourself: are you looking for recreation or discomfort relief? If it’s the latter, your doctor should be able to suggest the appropriate medicinal marijuana product that will best treat your symptoms.

If you’re interested in relaxation, the right marijuana for you will largely depend on your experience. High-THC strains are perfect for longtime weed aficionados, while first time users are advised to ask their budtenders to recommend a beginner-friendly product.

Also, how long do you want the high to last? Certain strong edibles can send you on a mind-twirling ride that lasts an entire day, whereas THC-light strains can give you a pleasant buzz that lasts for an hour or less. Again, consult your budtender, so they can help you choose the right product for your needs.

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