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How to Go California Sober

By October 14, 2020April 26th, 2022No Comments

When was the first time you heard the term “California Sober” (or Cali sober)? Perhaps a friend of yours said they were going “Cali sober” last New Year’s Eve—then confused you by immediately pulling out and lighting up a cannabis pre-roll.

Cali Sober Person Holding Cannabis Pre-roll | People's California

What Does “California Sober” Mean?

So, what does being Cali Sober entail? Opinions vary, but essentially it means abstaining from alcohol or hard drugs while still allowing for the consumption of cannabis. For you, going “Cali Sober” may mean that you keep your nighttime sleep gummies – and stay away from everything else.

The Rise of the Cali Sober Lifestyle

You might know a few people who live by this philosophy already, but it hasn’t always had a name. For example, singer-songwriter Fiona Apple has been public about her sobriety from alcohol for years while continuing to publicly enjoy cannabis, which flung the concept back into public consciousness.

“Pot helps me,” said Apple in a recent interview with Vulture. “I was on way too much medication for a while. Now I’m on way less medication… now it’s just pot, pot, pot.” In response to her comments, a Twitter firestorm started—was Fiona Apple officially Cali Sober?

The term was first popularized when Michelle Lhooq, a section editor at Vice, went public about her shift away from a hard-drinking lifestyle. When she moved from New York City to sunny Los Angeles, the slower pace of life made her realize that she wanted something different. Inspired by southern California’s natural beauty and rich biodiversity, she decided to quit using harmful substances.

By going Cali Sober, she’s able to be holistically healthy and still indulge with her old friends. Switching from alcohol to cannabis has made her feel content and happy. “I know this sounds absurdly California new age hippie,” she continued, but after going California Sober, “I could almost feel my chakras opening.”

California Sober Woman Doing Yoga | People's California

Writer and comedian Eve Peyser had a similar experience. “[I] quit drinking on my 23rd birthday.” she wrote. “Which was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.”

Like Michelle Lhooq, Eve wasn’t ready to forgo all substances. “I didn’t quit smoking weed because it didn’t have that super negative impact on me.”

Stocking Up on Your Cali Sober Essentials

Going Cali Sober can look however you want. Whether you’ll be stocking up on topicals to relieve your back pain or replacing your nightly glass of wine with a Cann Social Tonic or a THC tincture, People’s is here for you. Swap out your sleeping pills with CBN edibles, or pick up a CBD vape pen for your daily dose of calm.

Our flagship store is right here in Orange County, and we offer free cannabis delivery and preorders in addition to an in-store guided experience. Think of People’s as the California cannabis store for going California Sober.