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Surprising Benefits of Cannabis Essential Oil, Part 1

By August 6, 2018April 26th, 2022No Comments

Cannabis comes with a range of health benefits and there are many ways you can enjoy them! Leaves, seeds and flowers are not the only parts of the cannabis plant that are consumed – oil from the plant is also an effective product found in the best cannabis shops in California. Look for a “medical dispensary near me” and treat health issues with cannabis essential oil, now available in CBN and CBD variety thanks to California’s growing marijuana tourism. But first, here are some of the top benefits cannabis essential oil can provide!

Reduces pain

Many patients searching “medical dispensary near me” on the Internet want to find the most effective way to relieve their pain. Cannabis essential oil can do just that! It is used as a powerful alternative for painkillers to treat both acute and chronic pain.

Marijuana contains cannabinoids, compounds that may relieve pain and other symptoms. Most studies focus on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) and their properties. They show that THC activates our brain’s reward system and decreases pain levels while producing an elevated state of mind.

CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t induce a high but it interacts with pain receptors located in our brain, exerting not only pain-relieving, but also anti-inflammatory effects.

Manages stress and anxiety

THC increases the release of dopamine, the brain’s pleasure and reward chemical, as well as other hormones that cause relaxation of the mind. By effectively reducing the activation of stress receptors in the brain, cannabinoids can enhance the feeling of calmness.

Given that high levels of stress are associated with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, people who are in a stressful situation and reach out to cannabis oil are able to control their negative emotional reactions more easily and possibly avoid these diseases of modern life.

Boosts skin

Cannabis essential oil can help with redness, acne, and skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. That’s not all! If you want flawless skin, cannabis oil can help with that as well! It will enhance your skin elasticity, prevent wrinkles and signs of aging, and encourage re-growth of healthy, glowing skin.

Cannabis oil can be applied externally and consumed internally for best results. The plant’s power when it comes to skin care is all the rage right now so why not try the beauty’s new high to help cure common skin conditions and improve your skin complexion! Cannabis oil can also add shine to your hair and stimulate hair growth!

Increases appetite

Cannabis consumption stimulates your stomach and triggers a hormone that causes hunger, which can help regulate your appetite. People with dietary issues, cancer patients who have lost their appetite due to chemotherapy and others who want to gain weight after an illness can use cannabis essential oil to increase their appetite.

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