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Prescription Medications That Could Be Replaced by Medical Marijuana

By October 10, 2017April 26th, 2022No Comments

Most people could walk into the best medical marijuana dispensary Orange County instead of a pharmacy and get the effective treatment for their health condition. It’s widely known that medical cannabis provides relief for people undergoing chemotherapy. It can help relieve stress, as well as the symptoms of Chron’s Disease and Alzheimer’s.  And there’s new research being conducted every day, expanding the list of potential benefits of medical cannabis.

If well advised on the dosage, methods of consumption and strains to use, patients may consider medical marijuana instead of prescription drugs as a safer and healthier option for the body. Here are some medications that can be outshined by medical cannabis.


Pain medications contain hazardous codeines and opiates. Though commonly prescribed, they are highly addictive and can have adverse side effects. Also, the number of overdose deaths per year continues to grow, turning into a serious issue.

Studies have shown that medical marijuana can help people suffering from chronic pain. Indica strains are the most efficient. Cannabis almost immediately reduces discomfort, abolishes nausea and alleviates various types of aches and pains.

Sleeping pills

People with chronic sleep problems are faced with mood swings, diminished cognitive function, and overall, lowered quality of life. So those experiencing sleep disturbances and fatigue often turn to sleeping pills without thinking of common side effects.

Some medications prescribed to treat sleep disorders and insomnia can even cause more complex and dangerous side effects like amnesia and hallucinations.

Medical cannabis is a safer alternative. In controlled doses, it can significantly improve the quality of sleep.  It can provide uninterrupted sleep with none of the above side effects.


Along with psychotherapy, anti-depressants are a common treatment for depression. However, a vast range of unpleasant side effects these pharmaceuticals have is usually the main reason why people stop taking them. And once the medication is discontinued, the symptoms often return.

On the other hand, medical marijuana is a natural way to get stress relief in the long run. It can help relieve the symptoms and stabilize the endocannabinoid system, which is a system that helps maintain balance in the body.

Anti-anxiety medication

There are many prescription drugs on the market for treating stress and anxiety. The side effects of such stimulants are pretty extreme; therefore, this medication should be avoided. Some people even use them to regulate their appetite or maintain focus. Though not physically addictive, these pharmaceuticals can cause serious dependency problems.

Studies show that medical marijuana is effective in combating anxiety. Keep in mind that you should choose the appropriate strain, meaning one high in CBD. With professional help at the best medical marijuana dispensary in Orange County, you’ll get informed on optimal solutions and treatment.

Seek treatment at the best medical marijuana dispensary Orange County

As long as the strain is right and the dose is appropriate, medical marijuana could help people seeking abstinence from prescription medications and those seeking a safer treatment option for their health issue.

With the assistance of our polite and knowledgeable team at People’s OC, the best medical marijuana dispensary Orange County, you can explore your options and consumption methods, as well as browse through our vast selection of the industry’s highest quality marijuana edibles and other product types that People’s OC sells.