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The People’s Cannabis Gift Guide

By December 22, 2021May 27th, 2022No Comments
Want to gift cannabis or try something new with friends and family during the holidays? People’s has you covered with recommendations across categories and user types.  Check out our 2021 gift guide below!


Stop by a People’s location or order from our People’s OC delivery to try them out 😉

To get the party startedPBR passion Fruit Pineapple cannabis seltzer. Any easy choice to get everyone having fun at the function, no smoke needed. Available at People’s OC.

For the discrete – Kurvana blackberry kush disposable vape. No battery needed, strong flavor profile with rich earth undertones. Available at People’s OC.

For anyone needing sleep help – Korova CBN black bottle. One of the most popular cannabis uses is sleep, and this tincture is the best option we’ve tried, including a healthy dose of the sleep specific CBN cannabinoid. Available at People’s OC.

For the new cannabis user – The Wyld 20:1 Strawberry Gummy. Plenty of CBD and low THC for an easy first time experience for new cannabis users. The perfect first edible. Available at People’s OC.

For the frequent edible taker – The Lost Farms Live Resin Raspberry Gummy. This set of ten 10mg gummies is strain specific (Wedding Cake), and hits a little extra special due to its live resin content. Available at People’s OC.

The perfect preroll pack – Cabana – MAC.  Four 1G prerolls, with freshness secured with the spanish cedar lined tubes.   For this one, MAC is a classic crowdpleaser. Available at People’s OC.

For the seasoned smoker – Heavy Hitters Diamond Infused Preroll – Cereal Milk.  One of the most popular strains of 2021 gets the Heavy Hitters infusion treatment.  Not for the faint of heart! Available at People’s OC.

Something a little different Malibu Boogie Boards.  Live resin infused prerolls in Sativa, Indica and Hybrid, perfect for a potent “dogwalker” option. Available at People’s OC.

For the frequent smoker Aster Farms Blood Orange 1/2 ounce.  Aster farms offers a great value for sun grown Sativa flower in a large size. Available at People’s OC.

For your woke friends and family – Life Sunset OG. Excellent flower that is both sustainably grown and sustainably packaged. A perfect indica hitting at 28% THC. Available at People’s OC.

For the cannabis connoisseur – Korova Chocolate Thai.  A legendary Landrace strain, grown indoor for a limited drop. The purest of Sativa’s you can get. Available at People’s OC.