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The People’s Guide to the Holidaze

December 11, 2019

Finding the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones can get stressful. When gift shopping gets you down, go high and come on down to People’s. Some of the best brands in the business are now getting in on the winter holiday season, so make sure you consider cannabis when you’re doing your last-minute shopping.

The People’s Guide to the Holidaze | People's California

Get the Blood Pumping

Synthetic pre-workout isn’t the only solution for those who need a little extra boost. Camino gummies come in a zingy, spicy, brightly-flavored Pineapple Habanero flavor that will give your favorite athlete a kick. These gummies are made with a stimulating sativa blend that will loosen up their muscles and energize them to finish that race.

The People’s Guide to the Holidaze | People's California

A Night In

With 200 perfectly-measured doses of bliss, dosist vape pens are already just right. Pair them with lush terpene candles, and what do you get? The most relaxing night in that a person could have. Gift your high-achieving best friend or mentor with a dosist Holiday Kit and let them enjoy having a stress-free night for the first time since… when?

The People’s Guide to the Holidaze | People's California

A Stroke of Genius

Instead of getting friends in the creative industry more succulents, try something they don’t already have – a nice array of marijuana. Hey, who doesn’t love weed? Eureka prerolls from New York-based fashion company Sundae School are sure to give the artiste in your life a good idea or two. These sauce-infused joints will give your giftee a strong rush that will drive them to finally finish that big project.

The People’s Guide to the Holidaze | People's California

Some Baking Surprise

Your home chef friends are always looking for something new to test out, and the cannabis-infused gourmet chocolate from Kiva is perfect for making homemade edibles. Delicious, high-quality dark chocolate meets marijuana in these glossy bars. Get this – they don’t even taste like weed. 5:1 dark chocolate is a great gift for newbies, but they make a 100% THC version, too.

The People’s Guide to the Holidaze | People's California

A Ticket to High Society

Make her feel like a queen and launch your favorite lady into the upper echelons of high society. This slim, sleek rose gold vape pen will make your best gal feel like Audrey Hepburn. If she wants to “spend the whole day doing things she’s never done before”, let her try Slimpen’s elegant highs and see where the time takes her.

The People’s Guide to the Holidaze | People's California

Holiday Lights

Light up your holidays with pre-wrapped prerolls from Lowell Smokes. For a limited time, their top sativa, indica, and hybrid joints will include special holiday wrapping paper and Christmas-colored matches. These are the perfect stocking stuffer.

The People’s Guide to the Holidaze | People's California

A Spark of Joy

You’re going to have to do some spring cleaning after the holidays, which is why it’s important to find Christmas gifts that do spark joy. Enjoy a harmonious blend of terpenes and aromatherapy for any occasion with effect-based vape pens from Sunday Goods.

The People’s Guide to the Holidaze | People's California

On-the-Go Gummies

Taking a hike in the California sunshine is a healthy way to survive the holidays. Raspberry sativa gummies from Wyld are a sweet snack that will get you off the couch. The energy-boosting properties of their lush sativa flowers will destroy all resistance, and it also doesn’t hurt that they’re so delicious.

The People’s Guide to the Holidaze | People's California

Go Back for Seconds

We all know someone who gets so caught up in their holiday plans that they forget to eat. There’s a great way get that person getting some food and going back for seconds—the answer is a discreet, delicious vape pen. Nuvata vapes come in a wide variety of flavors and effects, with some designed to soothe the body and some to enhance the mind. Your giftee will enjoy the holistic effects, and you’ll love getting some quality time with them at the dinner table.

The People’s Guide to the Holidaze | People's California

Whichever cannabis-related gift you end up choosing, the real gift of the season is getting to spend time with your People. Whether you’ll be putting colorful weed strains under the Christmas tree or getting cannabinoid-rich chocolates instead of Hannukah gelt this year, spending time with those you love is the ultimate reason for the season.

Happy holidays from the people at People’s!

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