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Pride 2022: The True Meaning of the Rainbow Flag

By June 6, 2022No Comments

Pride CannabisEvery June, we gather under the rainbow flag to celebrate LGBTQ Pride month. This year, there’s another way to experience all those colors—Plus Gummies is releasing a limited-edition rainbow sherbet flavor. This flavor is based on more than looks: it’s about history. Aside from looking great, the rainbow is a reminder that all storms pass, and that the LGBTQ community will continue to rise above. Each stripe of the Pride flag has its own individual meaning, and each color represents a different facet of this beautiful community of people.

What Do the Colors on the Pride Flag Represent?

The iconic rainbow flag was first envisioned by Gilbert Baker in 1978. “I was a big drag queen in 1970s San Francisco,” he said, “[so] I knew how to sew.” The LGBTQ community leaders had been calling for a new symbol to replace the pink triangle that they had appropriated from one of the darkest moments in their history. They needed something more inclusive and joyful; something they could create from scratch to celebrate themselves. It hit Baker almost immediately that a rainbow was the perfect symbol. “It really fits our diversity,” he said.

The Pride flag was designed to showcase core aspects of LGBTQ culture, and each stripe had a meaning. While the design of the flag has changed a little bit over the years, the deep meaning that it holds is still an important part of LGBTQ history (and the LGBTQ present).

The Little-Known Hot Pink Stripe on the Pride Flag

Baker’s original Pride flag actually had an extra stripe: hot pink. It symbolized sex—a bold choice for a community of people whose love was illegal. Watermelon Sativa Gummies from Plus can help you get into the mood and keep your energy high, so pop one with your partner (or a couple of cuties) and get ready to get frisky.


What the Red Stripe on the Pride Flag Means

Still here, still queer, and we gotta celebrate that. Pop a tart cherry CBD gummy from Plus to take the edge off, then get yourself over to the parade! As we dance to Gloria Gaynor’s famous disco classic “I Will Survive” this Pride Month, remember that the red stripe on the Pride flag symbolizes life.

What Does Orange Represent? (Hint: It’s Not Orange County)

The color orange represents healing—a necessary part of self-care. You can begin your wellness journey with soothing CBD. As far as that goes, we always love to recommend the Tropical Mango CBD Gummies from Plus. With a 9:1 formulation, these are gentle enough for daily enjoyment, but still have a small amount of THC to help your body absorb more healing cannabinoids.

Get Out Into Nature and Enjoy the Sun During Pride Month 2021

The best part about Pride Month? It’s in June, which usually means that everyone gets to party outdoors. That’s where the yellow and green stripes on the flag come in—respectively, they represent sunlight and nature. Get your buzz on with Orange Blossom or Lemon Jack strain-specific gummies for an energizing high that will elevate your Pride experience. Prefer hybrids? Cucumber Lime fits the green theme and tastes absolutely delicious.

What Does the Turquoise Stripe on the Pride Flag Mean?

The Pride flag in current use doesn’t have a turquoise stripe, but Baker’s original version did. It symbolized both magic and art (or perhaps the magic of art). Blueberry Hybrid 2:1 Gummies from Plus are the perfect appetizer for a session of artistry. This is the ideal mixture of CBD and THC for the thinker who needs to beat artist’s block, the dancer who’s run out of inspiration, or the musician who’s trying to brainstorm new ideas for an album.

How Cannabis Can Help Your Spirit Find Serenity

Baker’s flag had two more unusual hues to round out the rainbow: indigo and violet. Representing serenity, indigo reminds us of the night. Indica Plus Gummies can help you wind down from a high-octane day of Pride partying, and CBN Sleep Gummies are there to make sure you get a good night’s rest.

Once your energy is back, it’s time to celebrate the meaning of the violet stripe: spirit! It’s time for your true self to come alive for Pride.

Find All the Colors of the Rainbow with Plus Gummies at People’s

When it comes to Pride Month, Plus is always here to represent. This year, their special limited-edition flavor (rainbow sherbet) is back! Make sure you pick up a tin—and with each purchase, you can help fund the Transgender, Gender-Variant & Intersex Justice Project.


We’re partnering with Plus this month to help them serve the LGBTQ community. From June 11th through June 13th, Plus Gummies are on sale for 25% off. Save money on their limited-edition Pride Gummies or stick to your rainbow of faves and stock up for the Pride Parade.