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The World Loses a Cannabis Icon, Charlotte Figi.

April 17, 2020

The World Loses a Cannabis Icon, Charlotte Figi. Charlotte’s Web Finds Forever Life with the Cannabis Community.

Orange County Community,

We are heartbroken with the recent passing of 13-year-old, Charlotte Figi.

Figi made headlines for the medical cannabis community as the child whose Dravet Syndrome epilepsy symptoms were tamed by Low-THC CBD-dominant cannabis.

Desperate for a cure, Figi’s father and family came across a story of a young boy in California with Dravet Syndrome who was experiencing positive outcomes after being treated by cannabis. This inspired the family’s exploration of cannabis as a treatment for their daughter’s condition.

In 2013, Figi became a beacon of light for the cannabis community during the first installment of CNN’s Weed documentary hosted by American neurosurgeon and medical reporter Sanjay Gupta, shared Figi’s story with the world. Here we were introduced to the Colorado cannabis growers, The Stanley Brothers, who were developing cannabis plants low in THC and high in CBD for medical use—something that would soon help Figi live her daily life with better ease.

With Figi’s story flooding television screens across America, we were shown a world where cannabis cured something tragic, where it was used to soothe real pain, and bring peace to a family living with fear. An innocent girl suffering and in need found comfort through cannabis. A stigma was broken and the laws changed in favor of the medical cannabis community.

Inspired by Charlotte’s story, The Stanley Brothers later developed the low-TCH strain, Charlotte’s Web, and have now come to rename their company by the same name as they go on to develop new hemp-derived CBD products.

Today we source CBD rich and 1:1 products as if they had always been the norm. This shift brought to us by Figi’s story has landed us in an age where cannabis is cultivated for the every-person, whether fragile, strong, or unapologetically vulnerable.

This month we honor Charlotte as our People’s Pioneer. Join us in honoring her life and allowing it to live on through the centuries as we continue to celebrate cannabis as the healer and powerful plant that it is.

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