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Why Baby Boomers Are Trying Cannabis

By May 25, 2021June 6th, 2022No Comments

Inspired by her TV show co-host Snoop Doggy Dogg, renowned kitchen pro Martha Stewart has decided to move into the cannabis industry. It all started with an iconic guest episode of her famous show, where Snoop Dogg came to visit. Back-and-forth repartee about baking at 420 degrees and using “no seeds, no stems, no sticks” in their “brownish-green brownie” recipe led to the pair of them becoming an internet sensation—and getting a TV show together. Beyond that, Martha Stewart has continued to invest in the cannabis market, even partnering with a Canadian firm to license her own CBD products.


Famous Baby Boomers Entering the Cannabis Industry

Martha Stewart’s not the only one of her generation to get into the fray. Beyond Willie Nelson and Mr. Dogg himself, there are plenty of people above the age of 55 going for the green rush.

It’s not just about entrepreneurship, though we can’t deny that Baby Boomers are becoming a huge force in the cannabis industry. Between 2010 and 2020, the number of Baby Boomers who had tried cannabis grew more than tenfold. An increasing number of Baby Boomers are using cannabis in general, making it a massive cultural change.

So, what’s driving the cannabis industry’s Baby Boomer boom? It could be the expanded access to safe, legal cannabis stores. Although California has had legal medical marijuana since 1996 and legal recreational marijuana since 2016, the move to end cannabis prohibition in the United States has been slow. We’re still waiting on full federal legalization of marijuana, but Californians are able to easily purchase it from stores like People’s.

What Are the Benefits of Cannabis for Baby Boomers?

Despite some holdouts in the federal government, the stigma of using cannabis has been shrinking as more people are able to experience its wellness benefits. For the folks who were forced to watch Reefer Madness and other anti-cannabis PSAs as school kids, it can be shocking to realize that cannabis isn’t actually a terrifying and evil plant—even though it was portrayed as one for decades. On the contrary, its ability to help with sleep, stress, and other day-to-day issues can feel nothing short of magical for some. With the introduction of cannabis topicals, many boomers can use cannabis without even ingesting it.


Where Baby Boomers Can Begin Their Cannabis Journey

Whether you used to smoke in the high school parking lot or you’ve never touched cannabis before, People’s is here to help by connecting you with the best products for your needs and lifestyle. Let our friendly cannabis Guides know what your favorite weed strain was back in the ’70s, and we’ll help you find something that’s just like it.

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