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How to Find the Best Cannabis Flower for You

By December 1, 2020April 28th, 2022No Comments

With over 100 different cannabis flower strains on our menu, People’s has no shortage of incredible options—but which type is right for you? Our strains are as unique as each member of the People’s community, and we’re confident we can match you to the best cannabis for your needs and lifestyle.

How to Find the Best Cannabis Flower for You | People's California

Relax With Sustainable, Sun-Grown California Cannabis

If you love the flavor of cannabis grown in California soil, we recommend Cali Fresh. Grown in the Salinas Valley, its rich heritage and high THC content speak to its sustainable origins and well-cared-for quality. That’s not all—5% of every Cali Fresh sale goes back into rural communities to support agricultural workers, their families, and their neighbors.

This flower comes straight from the farm, and we pass on the savings to you—no promo code needed for these deals. Pack a bowl of Cali Fresh, or pick up a pack of pre-rolls, both available exclusively from People’s. Cali Fresh currently offers dogwalkers and Heavy OG flower year-round, and has seasonal offerings available at different times of the year. Watch out for your favorite strains—they could be next on the menu!

Want to branch out? Here are a few more sun-grown cannabis brands to try:

  • Lowell Farms. This pesticide-free cannabis flower brand is most famous for its association with the Lowell Cannabis Café, and the quality of their product can’t be argued with. Pick up an eighth of flower or a pack of pre-rolls for a premier cannabis experience.
  • Flow Kana. If you want to support a network of independent cannabis farmers all over the state of California, try their Wedding Cake strain, which has a sky-high THC content and a deliciously sweet aroma. Into indica strains? Sundae Driver has a (slightly) lower THC content for those looking for something milder.

Indoor-Grown Cannabis Flower

Flower grown indoors is given a meticulously-controlled environment, ideal humidity, and perfect day cycles. While the natural environment of California’s Emerald Triangle and Central Valley make for some of the best cannabis out there, indoor-grown is still widely popular in Southern California. If you’re looking for the best-in-show and want to shop hyper-local, these are our People’s Picks for indoor cannabis flower:

  • Cream of the Crop. With THC levels ranging from 25% to 32%, this grower offers top-shelf cannabis flower with strong effects and aromas.
  • Source Farms. This is a great source for frosty, high-THC flower that’s expertly cured.
  • Claybourne Cannabis. With a variety of options including small-bud grows and Shake ’N Bake, this is a high-quality budget option for price-conscious cannabis consumers.
  • Alien Labs. With a cult following of hundreds of thousands of people, this quirky company’s frosty flower offers a big one-two punch of CBD and THC. Their large, visually stunning cannabis buds don’t just look good—they’ve got the rocket power to get you higher than the moon.
  • Pure Beauty. If you’re looking for delicious indoor cannabis with an environmentalist bent, this is your brand. Their soil is optimized with the help of friendly bugs and fungi, and their rich soil is donated to public parks after use.
  • Their flower is grown using organic pest management and named after intended effects. Whether you’re looking to calm down, cruise down to the beach, create an artistic masterpiece, connect with your loved ones, or charge your soul, they grow the perfect cannabis for your needs.

1. Indoor Cannabis Straight From Source Farms

With environmentally-controlled grow rooms and hand-watering, the grow process doesn’t get much better than the one at Source Farms. This top-shelf flower might be a splurge, but it’s worth it. Their seasonal flower boasts a thick coat of trichomes and a flawless cure.

You can’t go wrong with any of their top-shelf strains. We recommend trying out the Ice Cream Cake strain, a sugary vanilla varietal that will lock you down to the couch. Blissing out before bedtime is the best use for this sweet flower, which is one of our top indica strains.

For sativa fans, Source offers a tasty Blue Dream strain with a berry tartness that pairs well with your favorite albums. Grab the guitar and get creative. This sativa-dominant hybrid offers the euphoria and full-body soothing sensation of your favorite indica strains—without the couch lock.

2. Claybourne Cannabis Flower: Grown in the Inland Empire

Grown in the notorious big I.E., Claybourne is definitely repping its roots. With a merch line that’s all about its IE pride, they’re here to show the doubters that Riverside County isn’t messing around with its cannabis. Claybourne is always bringing its THCA-game with a wide variety of budget-friendly flower. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Granddaddy Quin, one of our favorite CBD flower options;
  • Wedding Cake, a THC-heavy classic hybrid;
  • Jack Herer, a popular sativa-dominant hybrid strain that comes in 14 gram and 28 gram flower packages; and
  • True OG, an award-winning Southern California-bred indica strain.

We also love their Shake ’N Bake, which combines flower and kief for a high-THC option that’s perfect for rolling up or adding to your favorite brownie recipe. With a THC content that exceeds 30%, it doesn’t get much danker than this.

Where to Find the Best Cannabis Flower for You

Our wide selection of cannabis strains means that People’s can always find the right match for you. We’re always looking for the best of the harvest, meeting with each of our vendors weekly to ensure high quality and freshness. Picked at its peak, our offerings change according to the season.

Need a recommendation? Let our friendly cannabis Guides help you out with an in-person consultation. Our Santa Ana cannabis store is located off the 55 and 405 freeways in central Orange County.

We look forward to helping you find your perfect pairing. See you soon!

How to Find the Best Cannabis Flower for You | People's California