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Cannabis During Coronavirus. How to Tackle the Great Indoors.

By March 21, 2020April 25th, 2022No Comments

Cannabis Comforts California During Coronavirus. How to tackle the Great indoors.

2020 has us shifting gears and making major life changes. COVID-19 has confined Californians to their homes and here in SoCal, we don’t take that lightly (especially when it’s sunny out). Feeling antsy? Here are some ways to ease your anxiety and combat cabin fever:

Create with Wild Cherry Camino Sativa Gummies

Spark your mind and your appetite for curation. You can start by going through all those notes on your phone. You know the ones—that idea you had while driving or the storyline you conjured up while on the treadmill. Now you have the space to go after them, dissect them, and build them into tangible pieces of artistic genius. The world’s waiting!

Try an at-home workout with Mr. Moxey’s Energizing Peppermint Sativa Mints

Many gyms are offering virtual versions of their fitness classes including yoga studios across the County. Not a member? Hop on YouTube and search the exercise you’re after and use this time to build up that routine you’ve always been after. You got this.

Woman Exercising Inside Due to Corona Virus

Take a freaking bath (Because it’s probably raining outside)

Set aside some time to just BE. Soak, settle, and daydream. And when you’re done, ease your aches with Papa and Barkley’s Releaf Tincture formulated with over 90% CBD. Take what you deserve.

Netflix, chill, and don’t feel bad about it

This is where Mr. Moxey’s are here for you again. Pop some Relaxing Cinnamon Indica Mints and be on your way to Ozark (if that’s your vibe). Still watching? Yes, Indefinitely.

Play a board game, watch all the movies, clean out your closet…

Or don’t. No one said you had to become someone new or discover something life changing. Maybe you just need to sit down and get comfortable. Grab a blanket, rub down with some Care by Design Pain Cream and take a nap or two. Your body will thank you.

All in all, we say: Engage, rest, repeat (or just rest and repeat). It’s good for the soul, the environment, and our future.

To our People: Stay lifted.