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Cannabis Yoga for Stress Relief

By August 20, 2020April 25th, 2022No Comments

For months now, we’ve all been stuck in our houses—no gym time, no yoga classes, and not a massage to be found. Some of us have turned to cannabis to help us relax, and here’s a tip: combining premium cannabis and yoga provides an “entourage effect” that makes both of them even better.

It’s definitely time for a wellness check. Paradoxically, your underused muscles might be uncomfortably tight, and you’re probably not feeling your best. While mind and body wellness is tough for anyone to keep up with nowadays, preventative medicine is more crucial now than ever.

When it comes to maintaining wellness and thriving under quarantine, finding a practice you can do from home is essential. Happily, there’s a new breakout therapy to try: cannabis yoga.

How to Start Doing Yoga Online

Getting into the practice of cannabis yoga is easier than you might think. With online options from popular local businesses like SunSpark Yoga or virtual events like the OC Yoga Festival, you will find an option to fit your needs.

Even if your local yoga studio is closed for now, you can still go to a Twitch studio and take classes live. While Twitch, the fast-growing video platform, is mainly known for its online gaming streamers, that’s not all it offers. Fitness professionals are also joining the fray, with industry execs like Doris Thews now streaming classes regularly. Between Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, you can try a variety of formats and decide what you like best.

Doris Thews Online Yoga | People's California

How to Use Cannabis During Your Online Yoga Classes

While doing yoga online might seem intimidating—after all, there can be no physical hands-on help—it most definitely has its benefits. Rather than navigating stagnant or frustrating Orange County traffic to get to your local yoga studio, you’ll get to relax at home with a cup of THC-infused tea and take a 5-minute meditation to get in the right headspace for peaceful practice. Slap a transdermal patch on the gnarliest knot in your back and position yourself on your mat while you wait for the YouTube ads to be over (ah, a small downside of free online yoga classes).

Once your 30-minute yoga video queues up, use the body awareness that cannabis gives you to stretch into your tightest spots. Stick with the beginner yoga poses and make sure not to over-stretch your muscles—just relax and enjoy the sensation of loosening up.

Post-Stretch Stress Relief

When your virtual yoga class ends, take a few extra minutes to meditate. Most yoga teachers will direct you to spend some time in savasana, or “corpse pose,” but you can still get all the benefits of meditation (plus some cardio bonuses) by going for a stroll. If you live in a crowded area, throw on a stylish mask before heading off on your walking meditation—and remember to bring along a preroll as a reward.

In these unprecedented times it can sometimes be difficult to stay safe and healthy. Cannabis-infused yoga is a great way to balance all facets of well-being while staying self-quarantined. So whether you’re ready to safely go outside or would prefer to stay in, everyday wellness is still achievable for all.

All it takes is a visit to our store or one quick call to our cannabis delivery team at 714-582-3446. We look forward to helping you further your yoga practice. See you soon!

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