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Can CBD Help With Burn Treatment?

By December 10, 2018April 25th, 2022No Comments

A recent study from the NC Jaycee Burn Center has discovered that cannabis and burns interact in unexpected ways. According to the researchers, cannabis has protective properties—meaning that everyone’s favorite plant is correlated with better patient outcomes for burn victims.

CBD and Burns: Where to Start?

It’s difficult to know where to begin. “Can I really get treatment for my burn in one of the marijuana stores near me?” asks Damien, a Newport Beach resident and fire dancer. “I’ve been looking, but I’m a dispensary first-timer … I’m just not sure where to start.”

Cannabis dispensary employee explaining the potential benefits CBD lotion may have

Fabiola, an avid amateur baker and brand-new resident of Costa Mesa, had some similar questions for us. “Can CBD lotion actually help with my oven burns?” she asked. “Where do I find a good one? I hate wearing long sleeves in this climate … but I have some skin discoloration that I really don’t like anyone seeing.”

While CBD use might be able to produce better patient outcomes in hospitalized burn victims, it’s difficult to say whether it can help with any discoloration on the skin or open wounds—it just hasn’t been studied yet. However, there are many compounds in the cannabis plant, and one of them seems to be especially helpful.

Cannabis Terpenes for Burn Treatment

One of the naturally-occurring aromatic compounds in cannabis, linalool, is also present in lavender. In 2017, an article in Advances in Pharmacology had some high praise to heap on this terpene.

“Linalool is the likely suspect in the remarkable therapeutic capabilities of lavender EO essential oil to alleviate skin burns without scarring,” wrote Ethan B. Russo and Jahan Marcu. While further studies are warranted, it’s definitely noteworthy that such a strong statement has been made in favor of using a cannabis compound in burn treatments.

How Helpful Is CBD Cream for Burns?

In addition to the potential benefits of linalool, CBD has many therapeutic uses that can help in healing. For instance, CBD weakens cortisol secretion and decreases blood pressure levels, which can help with pain relief and inflammation. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects, and it produces therapeutic effects without intoxicating—which makes it a perfect treatment for people who need to keep their minds clear and stay alert.

Cannabis and Burns – Are Topicals the Only Way to Go?

CBD cream or lotion is a great option for anyone who wants to test out cannabis products for burns. When using topicals, be aware that cannabis compounds such as THC and CBD will not enter the bloodstream, unless you are placing them on an open wound. When THC and CBD topicals are applied to scars and other closed-skin injuries, these compounds will stay on top of the skin instead of going through it subcutaneously.

If you would like to double-down and use CBD internally as well as externally, you’ll be happy to learn you have plenty of options. You can reap the benefits of CBD by smoking and vaping cannabis, trying out CBD capsules and tinctures, or just sticking to CBD edibles.

Where Do I Find the Best CBD Products?

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