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First Time Experience at a Dispensary: Here’s What to Expect

By January 8, 2019April 26th, 2022No Comments

The rise of legal marijuana stores in California has sparked a cultural revolution. Everyone is going cannabis shopping these days – whether you’re a person in your 20s, a middle-aged parent, or a senior. These days, we’re all visiting cannabis dispensaries looking for relaxation, symptom relief, or just to see whether or not the reality lives up to the hype – spoiler alert: it totally does….

A lot of folks are new to cannabis, or at least new to the legal market. No matter how many Dead and Co. concerts you made it to in your lifetime, you may still have some questions about shopping at a legal cannabis store. Perhaps your doctor has recommended medical marijuana to you, and now you’re unsure what to expect from your first-time experience at a dispensary, or maybe you’re a burn victim who heard CBD helps with burns. You might even be an athlete who recently learned about the benefits of CBD post-workout products, or someone who needs some natural alternatives to cope with with chronic pain.

No matter what brought you here, have no fear – People’s OC has you covered. If you’re not sure what the best products to get at a dispensary are, don’t worry: you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you figure out what to expect and how to get the most out of your first marijuana store visit.

Your First-Time Experience at a Dispensary Will Require an ID

Whether you’re in your 70s or a young adult who’s just earned their right to drink, every licensed weed dispensary is going to have to ask you for a valid ID. If you have a medical cannabis recommendation, bring that as well (though you don’t need one to shop here). Don’t be concerned if your recommendation was given to you awhile ago, as most recommendations stay valid for at least half a year, with up to 12 months being the norm.

While it’s not necessary, you can make the experience a little more streamlined when you make it a habit to hand over your ID and your recommendation at the same time. Keeping your documents accessible will make your first-time experience at a dispensary go faster. Bonus: It also makes life easier for your personal Guide to check you in quickly and efficiently.

Be Prepared to Wait

Having to wait for your turn at the counter is standard procedure in the medical market, but People’s OC is a little different. While regulations often require marijuana stores to only serve one customer at a time, People’s is able to have multiple registers open in order to better serve the People’s community. If you arrive at our peak hours, you may still find yourself waiting in line, but our friendly cannabis Guides always do their best to make it a quick and painless experience. If you do end up with some time on your hands while you’re inside the store, take a look at the informative displays on both floors and take a minute to browse at our educational center. If you’re unsure what product you need and want, take your time and look around. Cannabis shopping is supposed to be fun, and there’s no need to rush into making your choices. You can take it slow, get the facts, and enjoy your first-time dispensary experience.

Woman opening her first purchase of cannabis buds

Your First-Time Experience at a Cannabis Dispensary Is a Great Opportunity to Ask Questions

Whether you’re an experienced user who already knows what product you’re going to buy, or a total newcomer to the weed scene, cannabis dispensaries give you an opportunity to talk to weed experts – the people we call our Guides.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or look for guidance. Each budtender (especially the helpful and knowledgeable cannabis Guides at People’s OC) is there because they’re passionate about marijuana.

We’re all still adjusting to the new normal of legal California cannabis, and it’s perfectly okay to have a lot of questions. The Guides at our store are always happy to teach you about weed and relieve any anxieties or concerns you may have. If you’re a teacher, you’ve probably said that there’s no such thing as a stupid question, and we firmly agree with that philosophy. Every visit is an opportunity to learn and get better acquainted with the cannabis culture. You don’t have to be a cannabis expert to shop at a cannabis store – you just have to ask the fantastic folks who work here for help. We’ve always got you covered.

Cannabis Products: What to Get and How to Buy Pot Online

If you grew up in the pre-digital era, it’s easy to forget that we can now buy weed online. Instead of going to a jam band concert and asking around, it’s as easy as popping by a cannabis store or placing something in your virtual shopping cart.

We get it, and we’re here to help. You can order up an easy cannabis shopping experience by visiting our menu and purchasing, you can skip the line by ordering Express Pickup, or even get weed deliveries right to your door. Whether you’re looking for fast-acting Kanha Nano gummies, Plus Unwind gummies for a soothing night of relaxation, or more traditional cannabis edibles like brownies and cookies – don’t worry. We have every type of cannabis to fit your needs and lifestyle. If you’re new to cannabis altogether, start slow with some CBD edibles and experiment with different concentrations, or ask our Guides for some suggestions. We’re always here to help.

The Best First-Time Experience at a Dispensary You Could Ever Have

Want to make sure your first dispensary visit is as fun as it is productive and informative? Then visit People’s OC! We’re the largest marijuana store in California. Our spacious premises and huge catalog of cannabis products is unmatched in Orange County.

And it’s not just our facility, it’s our People. We’re lucky to have a polite, knowledgeable team that’s enthusiastic about weed and eager to give you the finest dispensary service possible. Check out our online store, or visit us at our store. We’re eager to become your go-to dispensary. Call (714) 582-3446 today.

See you soon!