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Join Us for Green Wednesday: Black Friday Cannabis Deals That Can’t Be Beat

By November 17, 2020April 26th, 2022No Comments

Every year, hordes of people go crazy for Black Friday sales. Luckily, cannabis sublinguals and capsules are on the menu here at People’s for those who need a chill pill. Get ready to celebrate our early-bird version of Black Friday, which we call Green Wednesday.

When Is Green Wednesday?

Green Wednesday is always the day before Thanksgiving, so this year’s holiday falls on next Wednesday, November 25th. It’s perfectly timed to make sure that everyone is supplied with the cannabis they need to make it through the Thanksgiving dinner gauntlet.

The History of the Green Wednesday Sale

Green Wednesday was invented by you—well, not you exactly. In California, people just like you had the great idea to head to the dispensary the day before Thanksgiving to stock up on necessities for the holiday. The cannabis industry caught on to the trend quickly. With everyone stocking up on cannabis cookies and top-shelf flower for pre-gaming the feast, we wanted to do our part.

To make sure you have a happy Thanksgiving, we’re keeping the festivities going for as long as you need. This year, Green Wednesday will actually start on Monday (11/23) and go through Wednesday (11/25). Start the savings early—we’ll keep ’em coming.

Have a Wyld Time on Thanksgiving with Wyld Edibles

People’s is all about making sure everyone has a good time. This Thanksgiving, take a walk on the Wyld side. With a variety of CBD and THC ratios, you can’t go wrong. The natural flavors of our Wyld gummies are inspired by the West Coast, and range from sweet 20:1 Strawberry all the way to full-THC Huckleberry Hybrid.

Wyld Gummies Citrus Edibles Black Friday Deal | People's California

During our 3-day sale, People’s is offering a BOGO-style deal on these delicious edibles. If you buy one Wyld, you get another for a penny—and yes, you can absolutely mix-and-match your flavors.

Wow! STIIIZY on Sale at People’s

If you’ve been enjoying your disposable vapes and you’re ready to commit, now’s the time. Whether you’re into Strawberry Cough, Pineapple Express, or Purple Punch, STIIIZY cartridges come in every strain, and we have a deal on all of them this Green Wednesday.

Stiiizy Vape Pens Cannabis Deal | People's California

Come in during our sale or order free cannabis delivery and enjoy saving money on your favorite STIIIZY carts. If you buy any STIIIZY distillate cartridge (excluding Live Resin cartridges), you can get another for a penny. It’s just about 2 for the price of 1, which might just make this the best deal on premium vapes in Orange County. If you’re looking to get LIIIT for the Thanksgiving holiday, People’s is the place to be.

Why We Celebrate Green Wednesday

Green Wednesday is all about coming together as a community. Become a People’s person today by signing up for our email newsletter. You’ll learn about all of our secret upcoming holiday specials, and we’ll keep you updated on our new locations, sales, and deals.