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How to Have the “Cannabis Conversation” With Your Family

By November 24, 2020April 26th, 2022No Comments

With the legalization of cannabis in Orange County cities like Laguna Woods and Costa Mesa, it’s time to talk to your loved ones about your love for cannabis. However, it’s a tricky conversation to have. Some of your relatives may not be comfortable with the idea if their first exposure to cannabis came from films like Reefer Madness or High School Confidential.

How to Have the “Cannabis Conversation” With Your Family | People's California

While it’s intimidating to have a tough talk about the reality of cannabis use with your family, we think it’s possible to meet people where they’re at and educate them about the benefits of cannabis.

Why Uncomfortable Conversations About Cannabis Are Worth Having

Thanksgiving is almost here, and uncomfortable conversations are likely to come up. Working through conflict is healthy—it helps us come together and heal our divisions. You may not achieve world peace with one conversation, but by following these tips, you should be able to win over some of your guests that have canna-phobia. By having a respectful discussion, getting your family members to understand where you’re coming from is definitely on the table.

Effective Communication About Cannabis

To win people over to your side, it’s important to make sure that they feel heard and have space to express their opinions. Anti-cannabis propaganda has been around for a long time, and some of your relatives may have fears that aren’t based on scientific evidence—cannabis does not turn ordinary people into violent criminals or make people go blind, for instance.

Some of these old myths and misconceptions may be funny, but laughing at your loved ones when they express a genuine worry may embarrass or upset them. Be respectful and kind, and make sure you keep your tone warm and encouraging.

Cannabis Convo Starters

If they’re not ready to consider the benefits of cannabis yet, try introducing them to media that debunks the myths and misinformation around cannabis. Johann Hari’s book Chasing The Scream discusses the lies put out into the world about cannabis by Harry J. Anslinger and other figures in American politics, and there are several well-written podcast episodes by NPR about the failures of cannabis prohibition, as well as updated takes on legalization in the Orange County Register.

Conquering Cannabis Communication Apprehension

Discussing sensitive topics like cannabis use can get emotional, but it’s important to keep calm. If you feel yourself starting to get worked up, practice some breathing exercises and do your best to tune in, listen to the other person, and keep asking open-ended questions. Respect their viewpoint and relate your experiences to theirs. Communicate your viewpoint without blaming the other person or making them feel lesser-than.

While you may not “win” the argument this time around, you may plant a seed in the other person’s mind that helps them reconsider their stance on cannabis down the line.

If your family member or loved one is still on the fence about cannabis, give them time and space to think. You can continue the conversation with other forms of communication, such as sending them helpful news articles or taking them to a legal marijuana store near you.

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Ultimately, people talking to each other and hearing one another out is the only way to solve the problems caused by a lack of education or distortion of the facts. By bringing up the cannabis conversation with your loved ones directly, you’re taking a brave and important step. Next holiday dinner, you’ll be prepared to respectfully defend your viewpoints and change minds—and soon enough, you could be taking your relatives to your favorite Orange County cannabis store.

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