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Happy 420! Celebrate With Our Cannabis Holiday Sale

By April 17, 2021April 26th, 2022No Comments

The year is flying by, and somehow, it’s already 420 again. For this high holiday, People’s is here for you to stock up on the best cannabis in Orange County.

Celebrate the 420 Holiday With These Cannabis Deals

Our 420 sale (no promo code needed) includes some of your favorite cannabis products, with a little something for every member of the People’s community. Are you a fan of weed edibles, or are you more into marijuana flower? Either way, this 420 holiday sale will set you up with great deals on everything you love.

Orange County Dispensary 420 Sale Deals | People's California

Celebrate 420 and Refresh With Cannabis Soda

This 420 holiday, give a sweet, timeless gift to yourself and the people you love. Keef Cola comes in all your favorite flavors with a THC-infused twist. Are you an orange soda fan or a root beer stalwart? They’ve got the perfect drink for you no matter what your flavor of choice is.

You can spice it up by making a cannabis-infused root beer float or just drink your soda the classic way: neat and on the rocks. Keef Cola is a fun and delicious way to celebrate 420.

Cali Fresh Flower and Pre-Rolls to Smoke On-the-Go

Pre-rolls are a classic way to enjoy your cannabis, but figuring out how to roll a joint takes so much time. Skip the work! With pre-rolls, your weed comes pre-wrapped for your out-of-the-box enjoyment. We love the options available from Cali Fresh, and here’s the good news—they’re on sale for 50% off (with a purchase of 2 or more)!

Prefer to put your flower in a pipe and smoke it that way? Cali Fresh eighths are also on sale. Stock up while supplies last! This flower goes fast.

Flavor Your 420 With Flav Cannabis Edibles

With so many gummy flavors to choose from, Flav makes you feel like a kid in a candy store. Their powerful THC candy doesn’t just taste great—they’ll get you lifted. Enjoy the flavor of love when you pick up a few packs of your favorite weed gummies this 420 holiday.

Thc Extract Marijuana Dabs Sale Orange County | People's California

Vape Carts for 420 From Heavy Hitters

Discreet and easy to use, vapes are becoming more popular within the cannabis community. A great choice for beginners and experts alike, the potency and precise dosing that vapes offer is appealing to all.

Try something new this high holiday. Get 50% off Heavy Hitters vape carts when you purchase 2 or more. All your favorite marijuana strains are now available to vape, so get your sweet tooth on with some Banana OG. Prefer the classics? Wedding Cake and Jack Herer are always good strain picks. Not sure what you want? Our friendly cannabis Guides can help match you with the strain that’s perfect for your needs and lifestyle. Our Orange County weed store is open for business from 8 AM to 10 PM, and we’re happy to make sure that all of your cannabis questions are answered.

Learn More About the 420 Holiday Sale at People’s

This is a great 420 sale, so make sure you pick up a good stock of all your favorite products while supplies last! We’re offering 50% off (if purchasing 2 or more) on products from Flav, Heavy Hitters, Cali Fresh, and Keef Cola. You can also buy 2 or more Select Live Resin products to get 25% off—that’s a great deal on some of our finest marijuana concentrates!

We offer free cannabis delivery every day of the year, and 420 is no exception. Place your weed order online or visit our Santa Ana storefront to find your favorites at a price you’ll love. Happy holiday!

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