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Types of Marijuana Pipes and Other Smoking Options

By January 14, 2020April 26th, 2022No Comments

When people think of weed, they often imagine a person smoking a joint or munching on a cannabis-infused brownie. And while both of these are great ways to enjoy our favorite plant, both newbies and seasoned users often overlook the joys quality marijuana pipes can offer.

In this article, we’ll list the many different kinds of weed pipes you can find at your local marijuana dispensary in Orange County, California. We’ll also help you pick the smoking method that’s right for you by explaining how these pipes work and what unique advantages each one of them brings.

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Marijuana Joints

What are the different ways to smoke marijuana?

One of the great things about cannabis is that there are so many ways you can enjoy it. Just don’t forget that California law prohibits you from smoking near public places such as the Balboa Pavilion: always limit your marijuana usage to your own private property.

Some of the more popular ways to smoke weed include:

  • Vaporizers or vapes are the healthiest of all smoking methods. No weed is actually burned, so there’s no smoke, only vapor. This makes for a more refined, subtler high and doesn’t require you to carry a pipe around, or waste time rolling joints or preparing edibles;
  • Bubblers use water to diffuse the smoke, which smoothens the hit. They come in two variants: a single piece, and one with a removable bowl;
  • Water pipes (also known as hookahs) are designed for seasoned smokers. Each pipe has a percolation chamber that turns smoke into water vapor. This causes the smoke to be cooled before it enters your lungs, which results in a more pleasant smoking experience;
  • Hand pipes are very beginner-friendly because they don’t produce powerful hits. They’re also easy to pack and carry, which makes for an overall pleasant and effortless experience;
  • Bongs aren’t a good option for first-time weed users because they produce HUGE hits. They’re comprised of 5 pieces (tube, downstem, carb, bowl, and percolator) and have the added benefit of minimizing the amount of nicotine and resin you imbibe;
  • Apples can be used as marijuana pipes too. Simply cut a bowl into the top of an apple (this is where your marijuana goes), cut out the core, and cut a hole in the side for your mouth. This produces an apple-flavored smoke that can be enjoyed even by people who don’t normally like the taste of weed;
  • One-hitter pipes are an excellent option for smokers who wish to be discrete. They’re easy to carry, come pre-packed so there’s no need to pack on the go and allow you to easily control the amount of weed you take in on any given day;
  • Chillums are small, straight pipes that can hold only a few hits. They’re easy to clean and store, and as such are ideal for casual marijuana users;
  • Steamrollers are long tubes that don’t contain any water or other additions. This enables you to quickly smoke your weed without having to carry multiple accessories around;
  • Dab rings are made of sturdy materials that can keep the heated dab concentrate and can produce a hit that’s three or four times as strong as that produced by a bong. Needless to say, this smoking method isn’t intended for the faint of heart;

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