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How To Get The Maximum Enjoyment Of Your Weed: Tips For First-Timers

By January 14, 2020April 26th, 2022No Comments

More than 3 years ago, California passed Proposition 64, which legalized recreational cannabis sale and use. Ever since Californians and tourists alike have been able to freely enjoy their favorite pastime without having to worry about breaking the law.

But what if you’re a newcomer who’s never even entered a cannabis shop in Orange County, CA, let alone actually used a marijuana product? What type of marijuana should you buy? How and where can you use it?

What should you keep in mind before smoking your first joint or imbibing your first edible? We’re glad you asked! In this article, we’ll give you some tried-and-true tips that will make your first weed experience the best it can be. Read on to learn more!

Marijuana Plant Example Available for Weed Delivery in Orange County

What are the top tips for first-time cannabis users?

Although recreational marijuana has been legalized in California, it’s still governed by various laws. Furthermore, weed has certain side-effects that often catch newbies off-guard. Knowing what to expect and preparing accordingly will help you get the most out of your first encounter with cannabis.

The most important tips for first-time marijuana users include:

  • Shop Safe / Shop Legal. Going to the biggest shop in Orange County ensures that you’ll be sold superb weed and assisted by experienced budtenders;
  • Bring a government-issued ID. You can’t enter a cannabis shop unless you’re over 21 and you have a government issued ID, REAL ID, or State-Issued Driver’s License with you. If you’re an international tourist, you can use your passport.
  • You can’t smoke anywhere you want. Cannabis use follows similar laws that cigarettes and alcohol do. This means you can only consume weed at private property (ie. your home, friend’s home, etc.), or at licensed establishments (cannabis lounges, hookah bars, etc.). Don’t even think about lighting up at a public place such as a Huntington Beach, the Irvine Spectrum, or the Bowers Museum
  • You can’t smoke and drive. When it comes to driving, recreational cannabis isn’t much different from alcohol. You should never be behind the wheel while under the influence of marijuana.
  • Buy good cannabis. The internet is your friend. You should have a general idea of what sort of weed product you want to buy before you go to a marijuana dispensary. Buy quality brands and always check to make sure the product isn’t past its expiry date
  • Drink a lot of water. Getting stoned is similar to getting drunk in that it can dehydrate you in no time. Make sure you have a few water bottles at hand and drink a few glasses of water before you light up;
  • Prepare food in advance or download a food-ordering app. Marijuana is a great appetite-booster, and it WILL give you the munchies;
  • Smoke with friends. You don’t want to be surrounded by people you don’t know or like when you take your first hit. Don’t smoke or eat anything you haven’t seen rolled or packed. Finally, do it in a familiar environment: preferably your home, so you can safely go to sleep if the mood strikes you;
  • Take it slow. Don’t try to show how “tough” you are by starting with the strongest types of weed first. Begin with a newcomer-friendly strain and experiment from there;

People's Orange County Dispensary Interior Store Photo for First-Time Weed Shopping Tips

Where can I find a first-rate cannabis shop in Orange County, CA?

At the end of the day, marijuana is a substance that goes into your body. Just as you wouldn’t eat some strange food or drink some suspect drink, you also shouldn’t use unbranded weed you don’t know the origin of.

That’s where People’s OC comes in. As the largest and best-equipped dispensary in California, we sell only top-notch cannabis products made by trusted manufacturers. Feel free to come by our shop today. We’ll gladly help ensure your first weed experience goes off without a hitch!