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The People’s Guide to a Cannabis-Infused Halloween

By October 20, 2020April 26th, 2022No Comments

Remember last year’s Halloween celebrations? Passing around cannabis pre-rolls in a circle of your friends, making last-minute D.I.Y. costumes, and hitting the Newport Beach peninsula for a full Zooport tour—it was a great year. Now, it’s up to us to figure out how to celebrate Halloween in 2020.

Is Halloween canceled? Nope! While we might all be somewhat spooked, Californians are adaptable, and we can definitely figure out some creative ways to celebrate Halloween. Instead of crowding into your friend’s chic new loft or your buddy’s garage, let’s stay safe and distant. Quarantine Halloween is a go!

Celebrate Halloween Cannabis-Style - BOGO Deals

How Can I Celebrate Halloween With Cannabis?

So, what’s there to do? The trick is to be creative! Host a Zoom parade, drive-thru Halloween, or get your party on at home with your quaran-team. To help out the People’s people looking for a way to celebrate the holiday in an adults-only way, we’re offering some scary good deals on everything from disposable vapes to Halloween-themed THC gummies.

B.O.G.O. Blood Orange Boogie with Kiva Camino

For a limited time, People’s is offering a buy-one-get-one deal on our frighteningly delicious blood orange Kiva Camino gummies. Get your chills and thrills on with these cannabis-infused candies and celebrate blood orange season with a burst of zingy citrus flavor. Two for the price of one? You can’t beat that.

Quarantine and Chill Out With Cannabis Chocolate

With flavors like dark chocolate caramel and cappuccino crunch, Chill Chocolate will bring you a higher love. Get adventurous and try out their white chocolate cookie crunch bar, make a peppermint mocha with their mint milk chocolate, or chop up a dark chocolate bar and add it to your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Our limited-run B.O.G.O. deal (buy one, get one for a penny) means that you can’t make the wrong decision. Try one, try two, or try them all. Now that’s a Halloween treat.

Rise and Thrive With 2-for-1 Nuvata Disposable Vapes

Born in nearby Los Angeles, Nuvata is a (relatively) local company that we can’t get enough of. With 2-for-1 deals on some of their odorless and discreet disposable vapes, you can take a puff and see why we love them so much. The eligible flavors are lime, grape, and—wait for it—orange. Your Halloween aesthetic may be a little different this year, but maybe that’s a good thing. With the bright flavors of California citrus fruit and sweet grapes, Nuvata’s B.O.G.O. sale is one you don’t want to miss.

Halloween 2020 Cannabis BOGO Deals

Where to Shop for Cannabis for Your Quarantine Halloween

In short, Halloween is definitely not canceled, and we’ll prove it. Shop online for People’s same-day delivery or visit our store for some tricky treats. Our top-shelf California cannabis is the key to a good time. We offer free cannabis delivery in Orange County and online pre-orders for Express Pickup, so don’t let a line stand in the way of a good time. Take advantage of these spooky-good deals while we have them, and join our email list for more delicious deals. See you soon!