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Voting Yes on Cannabis: What It Could Mean for Orange County

By October 27, 2020April 27th, 2022No Comments

The 2020 presidential election has been getting a lot of attention, but we’d like to spread some love to a more-overlooked area of the ballot: local city measures. This November 3rd, two Orange County cities are considering measures that will affect access to legal cannabis. We want to make sure they get the attention they deserve from Orange County voters.

Every part of your ballot matters, and you can make a difference by reading up on local initiatives and telling your family and friends about them. With only a few days till the election, getting educated is more crucial than ever.

Plan Your Vote for These Cannabis Initiatives

Right now, the city of Costa Mesa is considering Measure Q, which would allow them to develop rules around cannabis storefronts and non-storefront delivery services. Currently, Costa Mesa does not license any dispensaries to operate (some do, but they are violating the regulations around legal cannabis).

Measure Q would give these existing cannabis stores a path to going legal and would allow new ones to open, as well as letting delivery services headquarter within the city. They would be limited to commercially-zoned areas and prohibited from opening close to schools, playgrounds, childcare centers, and homeless shelters.

The benefit of Measure Q is not just the increase in cannabis accessibility, but also its positive impact on the city budget. It would authorize city councilmembers to tax recreational cannabis sales, which would provide additional funds that could go towards public services (including emergency response and support for small businesses).

Cannabis Measure Q and V, Orange County Vote 2020

Measure V: Is This Cannabis Initiative Right for Me?

Laguna Woods is famous for two things: Leisure World, and cannabis. It was the first city in Orange County to pass an ordinance allowing medical marijuana dispensaries, and its residents have been fighting for their access to cannabis ever since.

This election, the voters are making their opinions known on cannabis with Measure V. The measure is non-binding, which means that passing it won’t change any existing laws. The measure functions as an advisory vote to inform city council members and other elected officials on their next policy moves.

A “yes” vote is an expression of the voters’ views, and means that they think marijuana dispensaries should be allowed to operate within city limits. A “no” vote informs local leaders that there is not sufficient interest in allowing legal cannabis stores to come in, and would discourage them from considering it in the future.

Be Prepared on Voting Day

This year, all Californians should receive a vote-by-mail ballot by default—there is no need to request one. Early voting for ballot drop-offs began on October 5th, and all ballots must be received by 8:00 P.M. on Election Day – so plan ahead! Voters can also choose to cast their vote in person.

When Is Election Day 2020?

This year, Voting Day is actually 5 days long. Californians can vote in person over a 5-day period, from October 30th to November 3rd.

Where to Vote on Cannabis Initiatives

Your mail-in ballot and sample ballot will provide the address of your nearest Vote Center and Drop Box on the back. If you would like to drop off your ballot at another location, check the OC Voter Information website and make sure that you are dropping your ballot off at an authorized Drop Box. You can also drop off your ballot at a Vote Center, USPS Post Office, or in an official USPS mailbox. You do not need to include a stamp.

This year, you can vote in person at any Vote Center—not just your nearest polling place. This election, all Orange County residents are allowed to vote at the Honda Center’s voting super-site if they would like to. There are many more options, though. If you would prefer not to vote at the Center listed on your ballot, you do not have to.

If you would like to find polling places near your home or job, the Orange County voter information site also provides the addresses of all local Vote Centers and pop-up voting sites.

How to Track Your Ballot to Make Sure Your Cannabis Vote Is Counted

To address voter concerns for this US Election Day, the California Secretary of State is now offering a service called “Where’s My Ballot?” To make sure your vote is counted, you can sign up to receive email, text, or voice notifications on the ballot tracker website. “Where’s My Ballot?” is available in every California county, including here in Orange County.

How to Celebrate Your Cannabis Vote

Once you cast your vote, it’s time to relax. You can take a literal chill pill and try out cannabis capsules, try out some new CBN edibles, or keep it classic with high-THC cannabis flower. No matter what your taste is (or where your vote goes), People’s has you covered.

Conveniently located for residents of Costa Mesa, Irvine, and other Orange County cities, our Santa Ana cannabis store has a wide selection of products that fit your needs, lifestyle, and political affiliation. Stock up for your Election Night event, or just pick up some personal pre-rolls to help you relax. We’ll see you soon!