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How Do Cannabis Delivery Services Operate

By April 12, 2019April 26th, 2022No Comments

So you’re thinking about using Santa Ana weed delivery, but you’re unsure how weed delivery services function. It’s an understandable concern. After all, ordering cannabis products for delivery isn’t the same as ordering, for instance, take-out food.

The good news is: it’s much simpler than it may seem. In this article, we’ll look at some cannabis delivery laws and regulations, and help you find the best California weed delivery service that can fulfill all your marijuana needs.

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What is a marijuana delivery service? 

It used to be next to impossible to fathom that ordering weed would someday become as effortless as it is nowadays, not much different from ordering pizza and having it delivered to your front door.  It is the most convenient way to get your marijuana, saving you a trip to the dispensary when you’re strapped for time or simply not up for it.

It is especially useful for the elderly in palliative care, or anyone who is not physically fit enough to visit a dispensary in person. Besides, if you already know what you want to order, a delivery service is the perfect option.

A marijuana delivery service is a specialized service that can deliver recreational marijuana and related products which you have ordered and purchased from a marijuana dispensary. Your marijuana dispensary will likely have its own ordering and delivery platform, making the process swift and smooth.

Your marijuana dispensary will likely offer the following perks to ensure everything goes without a hitch:

  • A comprehensive, in-depth catalog of products available on the website
  • An approachable, well-informed professional customer service to help you navigate the process and pick the right products for your needs and preferences
  • Online ordering 
  • Ordering by phone
  • No minimum delivery requirements
  • No delivery fees
  • Quick and efficient delivery system
  • Scheduling an express pick-up so your order will be ready for pick-up at the reception.

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How do marijuana delivery businesses operate?

Up until January of 2019, each California county had to issue its own countywide cannabis delivery permit. Luckily, this is in the past now, and California has the honor of being the first US state to allow statewide weed delivery.

That being said, individual stores, including your Santa Ana delivery service, still have to get a delivery permit before they can offer this service to their customers. Their delivery drivers must carry copies of these licensed with them while conducting deliveries as well.

How much marijuana can I buy from a dispensary?

Although using recreational marijuana in California is now legal, there is still a number of caveats to be mindful of. A limitation that consumers are usually most concerned about concerns the amount of marijuana they are allowed to purchase from a dispensary.  

As long as you are 21 or over, you are entitled to purchase, obtain, possess, process, transport or give away up to 1 ounce or 8 grams of cannabis. As far as live plants go, you can possess and plant, cultivate, harvest, dry or process up to 6 marijuana plants.

If you want to have more than an ounce of marijuana in your possession, you need to obtain a special permission or license from the State of California. Even if you want to give away more than an ounce, you will need a license. A special license issued by the State is also required for individuals looking to sell marijuana, regardless of the amount.

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How to order weed delivery from your Santa Ana weed dispensary’s online store:

  • Click on the Shop Now link on the dispensary’s website. This will take you to its product catalog.
  • Find your desired product or products in the catalog.
  • Select this product or products and add them to your online shopping cart.
  • Once you’ve filled up your cart or spent your budget, go to checkout and choose delivery.
  • You will be sent a confirmation that contains your invoice, the name of your delivery driver, and a time estimate for when your delivery is going to arrive.

How safe is the marijuana delivery service?

Completely safe. In fact, cannabis delivery laws in Santa Ana are designed to protect not only the buyer and the seller, but also the public. Deliveries can only be performed by drivers who are fully employed by a licensed cannabis dispensary.

Marijuana products can only be legally transported in vehicles that have been legally designated for that purpose. The weed must be packed in nondescript packaging. Deliveries can never be received on public property, on locations that are leased by government agencies, or on minors-designated places such as kindergartens or preschools.

All deliveries must arrive at a physical address and be accepted in person. The buyer must be able to produce an ID (a driver’s license will do) to confirm age and identity. If the buyer is 18-20 years old and has been prescribed medicinal marijuana by their physician, they must also show their prescription.

Do you really need marijuana delivery in Santa Ana?

Sadly, for some individuals, delivery services are the only way they can get their recreational or medicinal cannabis. This may be due to advanced age, lack of transportation, or health conditions that prevent them from leaving their homes.

Even if you’re not physically prevented from going to a dispensary yourself, you may be unable or unwilling to do so due to time constraints, family obligations, or simply because you live too far from the nearest weed shop.

Besides, there’s also the convenience factor. Why be forced to choose between visiting a marijuana store and going on a trip to the great Bowers Museum, when a reliable marijuana delivery service can fit right in your schedule?

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