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A T-Break for the New Year

By January 7, 2020April 25th, 2022No Comments

This is the time to revisit our daily habits and to decide which ones we want to keep. New Year’s Resolutions are often related to fitness or frugality or deciding to quit something.

We’d like to introduce the T-Break, or “tolerance break”, so called because regular consumption of THC builds tolerance. For a regular smoker (or edibles-eater), this means that consuming the same amount of THC actually becomes less effective over time.

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For cannabis fans who rely on THC for pain relief or other health issues, this can start to hurt the pocketbook. The negative effects of stress on the body are well-known, and it’s not always possible to just go without cannabis altogether.

Abstaining from THC use for as little as one week can reduce THC levels in the bloodstream, though it takes two weeks to fully flush it out. Jogging and drinking plenty of water can speed up the process.

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The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help in the meantime—just make sure that your products don’t contain THC, or have a very small amount. Certain THC products, like topical creams and roll-on oils for the skin, are still safe to use. Because they can’t penetrate through the skin, they never enter the bloodstream.

A tolerance break can reset the system in positive ways, and can help you appreciate cannabis in a new way once you return to it. Luckily, even during a T-Break, you can still experience cannabis’s proven health benefits.