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The People’s Guide to Costa Mesa

By April 27, 2021April 26th, 2022No Comments

When you’re visiting Orange County, don’t overlook Costa Mesa. Orange County’s beach cities are already well-known, but there’s more to the area than sand and surf (as much as we love it). Vibrant Costa Mesa is close to the coast and has everything, from a thriving downtown to a relaxing nature preserve lined with scenic trails. People’s is rooted in Southern California, and we pride ourselves on being local experts. Let’s explore!

What to Do for Fun in Costa Mesa

Looking for a new fun activity to try? It’s never too late to pick up a hobby, and Costa Mesa has plenty of local businesses that exist to make it easy.

Peoples Guide To Costa Mesa Places To Visit Mesa Ceramics | People's California

If you’d like to become the next Seth Rogen (by which we mean: start making amazing pottery and become a weed entrepreneur), take your first step by booking a class at the Costa Mesa Ceramics Studio. Prices per class are $55+, but that’s more than fair given that materials are included. The instructors here are patient, friendly, and pretty good at speaking loudly enough for you to hear them over the sounds of the potter’s wheel. They’ll show you everything you need to know, and you’ll get a lovely piece of pottery out of it.

Homebrewing has really picked up in popularity over the past year, and if you haven’t joined in on the fun yet, it’s time. As a reward for learning a fairly simple new skill, you’ll get a bunch of tasty alcohol out of it, and who can say no to that? Windsor Homebrew Supply is full of experts on the art of hooch, and they’re all about creating the most inclusive environment possible for newcomers and experienced hobbyists to mingle and learn from each other. Don’t get intimidated by the complicated-looking stills or long list of yeast strains—they’re happy to explain it, and they make it clear that they don’t believe in dumb questions. You’re safe here.

Even if alcoholic beverages aren’t your thing (we much prefer cannabis, ourselves), you can still get in on the fun of homebrewing. Fermentation Farm is close by, and they sell kombucha starter (also known as SCOBYs). Yeast turns sugar into alcohol, but SCOBYs turn sugar into probiotics, helping you shore up healthy gut flora. All you need to do is feed your SCOBY sweet tea and keep it warm, but don’t worry—the helpful staff at Fermentation Farm will tell you how it’s done. If you want to double-down on health benefits, you can also pick up a bottle of their elderberry syrup (made with raw honey and real berries) to add to make into a spritzer. Just combine soda water, cannabis tincture, a little bit of syrup, and enjoy!

Are you a dog owner? If so, you have to check out the Bark Park. For the extremely low price of “free,” dogs and humans get to mingle outdoors and enjoy some games of fetch or a good run around the park. There’s a separated area for small or elderly dogs, so don’t worry about bringing your chihuahua here. It’s a great place to tire out your pup and yourself, so expend your energy and bed down with a weed vape and a nap once you get home.

Where to Shop in Costa Mesa

Hoping to find out-of-print treasures and interesting figurines? Bookoff is the best spot in Costa Mesa. It’s a 2-1, or maybe a 3-for-1, with all sorts of oddities on shelves. There’s everything from Funko Pops to used books to old Nintendo machines here. If you have esoteric interests, this is a must-stop.

Peoples Guide To Costa Mesa Places To Visit For Shopping Lab Anti Mall Buffalo Exchange | People's California

Make a stop at the LAB Anti-Mall, too. This shopping center is so cool and artsy that you’ll feel like you should be given a tour of it by a former mall goth in horn-rimmed glasses who keeps saying things like “post-ironic” or “meta-commentary.” Stop at the simply-named “A Store,” look for cool cast-offs at Buffalo Exchange, or examine the cosmic vibrations of crystals at House of Intuition. Hungry? Visit vegan favorite Seabirds or one of the center’s other restaurants (there are many). Need a haircut? There are several places to get one here, for some reason. Trying to fill out your record collection? Crème Tangerine Records store is also onsite to help you out with that. There’s a lot to do here.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Costa Mesa

While Costa Mesa recently voted for the right to license marijuana dispensaries within city borders, as of this writing, they’re all yet to be issued. That’s no obstacle to finding your favorite cannabis legally, though. You can get your weed order delivered to any address in Costa Mesa for free by visiting the People’s online store. If you have any questions, reach out to us by phone or social media, and we’ll be happy to answer. It’s as easy as adding your favorite pre-rolls, cannabis flower, or edibles to the cart and putting in your customer info.

Where to Eat and Drink in Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa’s restaurant scene is something else. The combination of the city’s central location and fair rent prices means that innovative eateries have been springing up here for decades, and you can easily find some of the best food in Orange County.

Not sure what you’re craving? Want to try some reasonably-priced small plates? Head on over to tapas restaurant Café Sevilla. During happy hour, draft beers are only $5, and tapas range from $5 to $9.

Mitsuwa Market’s food court also offers varied options. Grab a chirashi bowl (rice topped with sashimi) at Don Don Tei, tasty Japanese curry at Miyabitei, or a sweet boba tea from Sky Express. When you’re done, you can stop by the grocery store, the Shiseido cosmetics shop, or Daiso to buy household essentials.

When you have a special lady or gentleman to impress, Country Club is the place to go. It’s not a literal country club, and you don’t need a membership to eat here. Unlike most high-end restaurants in the area, this leather-and-brass-lined eatery is cozy. The food is delicious, with unexpected but welcome twists on classics like their za’atar house rolls, grilled salads, and poblano-spiced chicken sandwiches.

If you’re looking for unusual but tasty healthy fare, Blue Bowl Superfoods is one of Costa Mesa’s best spots to get acai bowls and yogurt parfaits. Make sure you try their blue chia seed pudding. We don’t know what makes it that color, but we do know it’s delicious. Order their signature bowl, The Lazy Blue, or include it as part of your customizable bowl.

Top off your trip with a mochi donut from Fill Bakeshop. With flavors like matcha and guava cheesecake, you really must try them all, so make sure to get more than you think you’ll need. When your cannabis-induced munchies kick in later, you’ll be glad you did.

Order online from People’s for an easy marijuana shopping experience. We’ll see you soon—and we’ll have all of your favorite cannabis products bagged up for you when we do!

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