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What Should I Know Before Visiting a Recreational Dispensary in California?

By July 10, 2018April 27th, 2022No Comments

As the first state to legalize cannabis for medical purposes, California is well-known for its citizens’ marijuana activist efforts. Idealists like Dennis Peron and Jack Herer fought for legal weed, and we’re just the lucky people who get to benefit.

If you’re a Californian or out-of-state visitor looking to visit one of the weed stores or recreational marijuana dispensaries near you, don’t be intimidated—thanks to Proposition 64, buying weed is as easy as getting Starbucks or ordering on Amazon.

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Are There Recreational Dispensaries in California Already?

Yes, there are! Proposition 215 legalized medical marijuana in California, and Proposition 64 (The Adult Use of Cannabis Act) legalized recreational cannabis. Most legal weed stores offer both recreational and medical cannabis, so you don’t need an MMIC (Medical Marijuana Identification Card) to shop.

There’s no real difference between recreational and medical cannabis in California. The products are the same, but the legal purchasing limit is higher for those with medical marijuana prescriptions—that’s the only difference. You’ll be able to buy the same cannabis whether or not you have a prescription.

What Do I Need to Bring With Me to a Dispensary?

Under the current cannabis laws, anyone aged 21 or older with a valid ID card can buy cannabis for recreational use. To prove that you are an adult-use customer, bring your passport, state-issued identification card or your driver’s license—any of those count as acceptable proof of identity. You do not need to have a California ID, so out-of-state and international visitors are good to shop here as long as they bring appropriate ID.

If you are a California medical marijuana patient, you can start shopping for cannabis once you turn 18 as long as you bring your medical ID card or a recommendation from a California doctor. Unfortunately, due to the way cannabis regulations are written, medical marijuana prescriptions can only be accepted if they are prescribed by a practicing California medical professional.

Are There Recreational Dispensaries in California Where I Can Buy Top-Quality Cannabis?

Recreational dispensaries opened their doors to the public after Proposition 64, and they’ve been providing top-notch flower ever since. Of course, we’d love to see you visit us here at People’s. Since we have state licenses for both medical and recreational sales, we are able to accommodate everyone.

How Much Cannabis Can I Buy?

Under the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s regulations, you can purchase up to 1 ounce of cannabis flower or 8 grams of cannabis concentrate per day.

The limit on products such as edibles, which are made with cannabis concentrate, are calculated by the amount of THC in the package. Edibles like brownies or candy bars typically contain 100 milligrams per package (and 5–10 mg per edible). That means that a guest at People’s would be able to purchase 80 packages of edibles in one day.

Can I Buy Cannabis With My Credit Card?

Federal cannabis regulations still prevent banks from being able to work directly with marijuana-related businesses, so credit and debit card processors generally aren’t able to provide their services to the cannabis industry. As a result, medical and recreational dispensaries in California operate as largely cash-only businesses.

How Do Legal Cannabis Stores Work?

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control regulates commercial marijuana licenses for recreational and medical use. You can see the complete list of all licensed cannabis dispensaries in California on the Bureau’s website.

What Kind of Cannabis Can I Buy at Weed Stores?

As one of the biggest dispensaries in California, People’s OC is where you can find a variety of marijuana products and flower strains. We’ve got everything from first-class indica strains to sativas. Looking for something in-between? Check out our hybrid cannabis strains for a best-of-both-worlds, mellow mood-boosting experience.

Each cannabis strain offers different effects, and our friendly cannabis Guides are always ready to provide advice and assistance in choosing the best weed for your needs. Our selection includes (but is not limited to) topicals, concentrates, and edibles—no matter what you’re looking for, People’s has it. Need some advice on consumption methods? We’ll tell you all about them so you can enjoy your marijuana experience fully.

Where Can I Consume My Recreational Pot?

You are allowed to consume cannabis in your private residence. Aside from cannabis cafes, you can’t smoke in public places like the beach or a theme park. Looking to enjoy some cannabis in the most magical place on earth? You’re going to have to come up with an alternative plan, as Disneyland security won’t hesitate to throw you in Disney Jail (yes, it’s real). Getting caught means that you will be fined.

Can I Transport Recreational Cannabis?

Yes, you can. The rules vary for vehicles and airplanes, however, so be aware of the relevant laws.

Make sure that your cannabis product remains sealed and away while you’re in your vehicle. To open the packaging and consume marijuana, you must wait until you get to a private residence. Under no circumstances are you allowed to open the container in the vehicle. Driving under the influence is illegal no matter what, so if you have to drive, make sure you don’t consume any cannabis beforehand.

Another important note: you are not allowed to transport marijuana across state lines, not even to a state where recreational cannabis is legal. If you’re taking a Las Vegas road trip, leave your cannabis products at home.

When it comes to airplanes, it’s a little more complicated. According to TSA Spokeswoman Lorie Dankers, the LAX policy on marijuana would be to call in local airport law enforcement.

Lieutenant Mark Gonzales, the airport police services bureau chief at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, put it bluntly. “If it is within the legal quantity, we’d just stand by while the passenger decides what to do with it. TSA may not want it to fly, but that doesn’t mean it is illegal….”

The Los Angeles Airport Police concurred. According to USAToday, anyone stopped by the TSA with a legal amount of cannabis would not be charged, “because it is not a crime.”

That being said, the policies haven’t yet been tested. “People are reading the law and seem to know what they need to do to get through the checkpoint,” said Gonzales. “I don’t think a lot of people are risking it.”

What To Know Before Your First Visit to a Dispensary

Knowledge is power, and it’s always good to feel prepared before you go anywhere new. If you would like to learn about the current cannabis laws, necessary requirements, and gain insight into the biggest commercial weed market in the U.S., visit the People’s FAQ and poke around for a while.

Marijuana plant you can purchase at a California dispensary

Are there recreational dispensaries in California that can meet all my cannabis needs?

Yes, there certainly are. If you want to buy marijuana at the leading dispensary in California, come visit People’s OC. We take pride in our highly qualified, knowledgeable and friendly team of cannabis Guides, both in-store and on our delivery team. Whenever you need help with our one-of-a-kind selection of first-rate cannabis products and gear, ask a Guide for assistance!

Our two-story dispensary is located in Santa Ana. If you’re looking for a cannabis shopping experience that’s fast and friendly, visit us any day of the week. We’re sure that we’ll become your favorite cannabis store in Orange County.

We’re open daily from 8 AM to 10 PM, with Express pickup and free delivery options in addition to our in-store kiosk ordering or guided experience. See you soon!