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Best Boba Tea Places For When You Have The Munchies

By July 27, 2021August 5th, 2022No Comments

Look, everyone loves boba tea, and rightly so—it’s amazing. That being said, imagine how much better it would be after visiting a marijuana dispensary. Cannabis is well-known for its ability to stimulate the appetite, but it may also make the sensory experience of enjoying some sweet, chewy boba even better.

Finding the Best Boba Places in Orange County

We’ve written before about some of Irvine’s best boba tea places, but we want to widen the scope a little bit. Here in Irvine, we’re blessed by the milk tea gods, but so is the rest of Orange County. If we’re not already famous for the great boba tea shops around here, we should be—so let’s take a look at our county-wide options.

It’s Boba Time!

The It’s Boba Time chain has over 100 drinks on their menu, and locations all over Orange County, including here in Irvine. Pop over to their Northpark Plaza location, or drop by when you’re in Westminster or Orange County. Their strawberry matcha milk tea is an impressive option, but their smoothie menu (with options like avocado or mango) is better still.

Urth Caffe

Urth Caffe in Laguna Beach and Orange is a well-known health food spot, but here’s what you may not know—they’ve also got a boba menu. Try their ice-blended Rumi boba with turmeric and Ceylon cinnamon, or the chocolate-matcha Rising Sun boba drink. They also have seasonal options, like Pumpkin Chai and Pumpkin Pie. There’s more on the menu, but if you find that it’s not enough, you can also add pearls to any of their blended coffee drinks. Pair your beverage with any of their healthy sweet snacks or desserts, and stay for a while. Urth Caffe is open until 10 PM Monday through Thursday, and 11 on Friday and Saturday, and they’re a great late-night food spot, too.


With locations in Anaheim, Irvine, and Costa Mesa, Tastea is an excellent bubble tea option. Their add-on menu has everything from lime-green boba to lychees and crème brulee, and their menu is full of appealing options with funny names. The mango raspberry smoothie (“Mango All the Way”) is a fan favorite, but you can also go classic with their brown sugar milk tea (“Tiger Milk”).

Del Taco

Yes, we’re serious. Del Taco now has Sprite Poppers, which are made with cherry and mango popping boba pearls. This fast-food chain is everywhere, and even has a location that’s conveniently located so close to People’s OC that the parking lots connect. We recommend placing your Express Pickup order for marijuana online, then ordering a Sprite Popper. By the time you finish, your cannabis products will be bagged up and ready for payment behind the check-in counter at People’s. Bon appetit, and enjoy your marijuana!

Ding Tea

The Ding Tea menu has everything from coffee to ginger longan tea, but it’s really a boba destination. Their Hokkaido Oolong Milk Tea with toffee candy is sugar-sweet, rich and delicious—but their fruit teas are also worth getting. Peach, kumquat, and passion fruit are among the options, but really, there’s too much to name. Luckily, since this franchise has locations in Mission Viejo, Tustin, and Fullerton (among other cities), it’s easy to drop by and order something new.

THH Sandwiches

THH Sandwiches in Tustin is already famous for its delicious banh mi variations and noodle soups, but it also has a roster of blended boba drinks. Traditionally Southeast Asian flavors like mung bean, durian, and taro are among the options. Don’t worry if that’s not your style, though—their honeydew, cappuccino, and strawberry boba drinks are just as good.

Making Marijuana Tea with Boba at Home

If you want to skip the middleman, you can turn your boba tea into a cannabis edible quite easily. Once your boba tea gets delivered to your place, go ahead and add some THC-infused honey or your favorite cannabis tincture right into your drink.

Want to try making your drink from scratch? Prepare a cannabis chai tea latte and chill. Prepare tapioca pearls and place into a cup. Add ice and pour the tea mixture over. Shake and sip to enjoy.

Wondering just where to pick up such specific cannabis products? Question answered—People’s is the best place to shop for cannabis. With an easy-to-use online menu, free weed delivery, and a beautiful storefront, this Santa Ana dispensary is a top option for marijuana in Orange County. No matter the strain you’re looking for, no matter which type of product, People’s has you covered.