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Top 6 Cannabis Strains for Fall

By October 7, 2021May 12th, 2022No Comments

It may not feel like it yet, but California has finally entered the fall season. It’s time to don a soft sweater, huddle up around the firepit, and smoke on some of our favorite cannabis strains. People’s always has a great selection of cannabis, but autumn is harvest season for most farms—and that means that we’ve got our freshest flower right now. Which strain will you cozy up with?


Top 6 Recommendations for Cannabis Strains

It’s no secret—People’s is the best place to find high-quality cannabis. Our knowledgeable guides aim to curate an experience that’s personal to you. This harvest season, stay high with one of these six strains.


An Indica Strain for the 2021 Fall Season

1. Willy’s Wonder

This indica strain may have mysterious origins, but one thing’s certain: the colorful hues and bold flavors of Willy’s Wonder are absolutely killer. Citrusy-sweet-and-sour flavors are perfect for the on-again, off-again hot weather that the California fall is known for. Before you light up, take a whiff—this strain’s tropical fruit scent is an absolute treat.

Funky Flavors From a Hybrid Cannabis Strain

2. Cheese

This strain was grown in the great state of California, but it’s rumored to be rooted in the United Kingdom and has a fascinatingly funky, sour flavor. While most of the world’s top cannabis genetics come from Golden State breeders, greatness can come from anywhere. One reviewer called the hybrid strain a “tidal wave [of] euphoria” that allowed “everybody [to have] a blast laughing and enjoying fond memories of the past.” Sounds pretty good to us.

Amsterdam Calling: Your New Favorite Dutch Cannabis Strain Is Here

3. White Widow

Originally bred in the Netherlands, White Widow has long enjoyed its status as a highly popular hybrid strain. According to Leafly, it can be found in “every Dutch coffee shop menu since its birth in the 1990s”—but more importantly, it’s on the People’s online weed menu. This strain has a unique look, with long and curly pistils adorning its frosty buds. If you’re hoping to get an early start on spring cleaning this fall, look no further than White Widow. While it isn’t a sativa, it has a well-deserved reputation for helping smokers stay productive. Whether you’re deep-cleaning your home or finally finishing that business analysis report, everything is easier with White Widow’s energetic buzz.

The Sour Diesel Strain Has a Story

4. Sour Diesel

What do you get when you cross Chemdawg and Super Skunk? That’s not a one-liner, it’s a real question—and the answer is Sour Diesel. Legend has it that the strain was named for the gasoline fumes it would take on while crossing over the Mexican border. It’s a fun story, but likely not true. Sour Diesel has a metallic, gasoline-like flavor that many people are partial to, and that’s probably the true reason behind its name. This sativa strain can lead to a surprisingly heavy body high, so stash it away to smoke after a long, hard day at work.

The AK-47 Strain Has a Scary Name, But Offers a Soothing High

5. AK-47

This hybrid strain is more international than a United Nations meeting. With genetics from Colombia, Mexico, and Afghanistan, AK-47 is a true citizen of the world and a great travel bud (pun intended). Take a hit of this calming flower before getting into the passenger seat of the car—it’s road trip time. With its calming but uplifting mood, AK-47 is perfect for map-reading, Spotify DJ-ing, or whatever else you need to do while the driver’s engaged.

The Best Cannabis Strain for the Fall 2021 Season

6. Amnesia Haze

A citrusy sativa is perfect for the transition out of the Southern Californian summer. Meyer Lemon season is ending, but Blood Orange season is almost here—and the Amnesia Haze strain contains the flavors of both. Fans of the strain praised the long-lasting, energetic high. “It gives you total euphoria, optimism, happy vibes, social relaxation, and talkative vibes…” one said. “Great for if you ever have trouble sleeping.” Sounds like Amnesia Haze can really do it all. From high times in the last bit of summer sunshine to cozy autumn mornings in the kitchen, this is People’s number one pick.

Where to Buy the Best Cannabis in Southern California

Started and grown by passionate cannabis consumers, People’s is all about quality and choice. When you stop by our Orange County dispensary or order weed online, you can find all of these strains and more. Our stores are open from 8 AM to 10 PM every day, so you can come by to stock up anytime you want.