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The Best Brunch Ever? Cannabis Snack Platters for Your Next Social Call

By March 30, 2021April 26th, 2022No Comments

If you’re looking to plan a social engagement, brunch is always best, whether you’re with your friends on Zoom or in person. Check out these party tips, stock up on everything you need, and invite your social bubble over for a time filled with good food and great California cannabis. We’re here to help you become the host with the most.

Brunch Tips for Cannabis Fans (and Friends!)

Brunch should be “cheerful, sociable and … talk-compelling,” wrote Guy Beringer, who first conceived of the meal concept. If anyone’s an expert on brunch, it’s this Guy. Plan ahead by stopping by the grocery store and the weed store near you, then prepping as much as you can ahead of time.

Best Brunch Cannabis Marijuana Snack Platter Cheese And Charcuterie Plate | People's California

Originally, brunch included “tea or coffee, marmalade, and kindred features of [breakfast] with the more solid attributes of [lunch].” Your brunch menu is up to your interpretation, so don’t worry about copying Beringer’s suggestions exactly. The key is to make sure that the gathering is low-stress and fun for everyone involved—and that includes you, the host.

Snack platters, including cheeseboards and charcuterie plates, are the best way to take the stress off of party planning. There’s a variety of snack platters you can have out and ready when your guests arrive—which gives you the time to get everything on the table.

How to Make a Cookie Platter With Cannabis

Life is short, so start your meal with dessert. Everyone needs coffee at brunch, and it’s always fun to add something sweet. Right now, our favorite Instagram trend is cookie platters. They’re fun to build, look great, and taste even better—what’s not to love?

To start, grab your most photogenic dishware. You can make your own homemade cannabis cookies, or pick up a bag (or three, our four) of Dr. Norm’s cookies at People’s. Alternate your choice of flavors like Chocolate Chip and Red Velvet for a pleasing color pattern that will look dynamic on camera – and delicious in person.

Best Brunch Orange County California Marijuana Cannabis Kiva Munchies 420 Cheese And Charcuterie Plate | People's California

How to Make a Cannabis Cheeseboard

Cheese plates always have to have a few sweet elements. For our version, we’re swapping out the jam and honey and substituting weed gummies and salty-sweet CBD snacks.

Make sure you have all essential elements of a cannabis cheeseboard before you start arranging, including:

  • A clean wooden board or nice-looking dishware;
  • Cannabis edibles, especially Terra Bites or Kiva Camino gummies;
  • A collection of cheeses that go well with your cannabis edibles; and
  • Optional – garnishes, such as nuts, fresh berries, or cannabis leaves.

To keep your cannabis charcuterie plate looking fresh, wait to arrange it until the morning of your Easter brunch.

Cannabis Pairings: Food and Fruit-Flavored Weed Vapes

As Guy Beringer, the inventor of brunch, said himself: a great brunch can “wipe away the worries and cobwebs of the week.”

So what’s the best way to level up your brunch menu and make it “a hospitable meal?” “In these hurrying, worrying, and scurrying days,” he wrote, “the sweets of life are too often overlooked.” Enhance your Eggs Benedict, mimosas, and other classic dishes with a fruit-flavored Nuvata vape. Formulated to boost mindfulness, their flavors (including lime and strawberry) make a great complement to your bellinis and brunch spread.

Easter Brunch Spring Sale Peoples Oc Free Cannabis Marijuana Orange County | People's California

Springtime Sales at People’s

Ready to shop for everything you need to be the best brunch party host? There’s a cannabis store near you that has it all! Hop on over to People’s. Our Easter sale is from April 1st to April 5th, and includes 25% off on Dr. Norm’s cookies, Kiva Camino Gummies, Terra Bites, and Nuvata vapes.

Enjoy the discounts, and make sure to add some of your favorite shareable cannabis to the basket—mini pre-rolls for the table, anyone? Before you know it, your reputation as the king (or queen) of brunch will be undeniable. See you at the sale!

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