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The People’s Guide to Cannabis Products

By April 6, 2021April 26th, 2022No Comments

Now that recreational cannabis is totally legal for the 21+ crowd in California, you can find almost any product infused with marijuana. From classic flower to infused gummies and body creams, there are so many different ways of enjoying cannabis that it can be hard to keep track.

There’s a weed-infused counterpart to anything you can think of. Need a tasty snack for a movie? Pot corn. Want something soothing for your skin and occasional soreness? THC balm. The options are endless, but never fear, because we’re here to help. From People’s to the people, here is your guide to cannabis products.

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Cannabis Flower: What It Is and How to Smoke It

Cannabis flower” refers to the sticky buds on the cannabis plant. The species in the cannabis genus are currently being debated by botanists, so going more into depth gets into some contentious territory. Due to prohibition, plant breeders have been unable to keep good records of their work.

Despite these difficult circumstances, American cannabis breeders have continued to do their best to keep documentation. While we’re still waiting on scientific consensus, the market has classified flower into three general categories: indica, sativa, and hybrid.

Indica strains are more likely to produce relaxing sensations in the body and mind and tend to induce feelings of sleepiness or heaviness.

Sativa strains tend to have more of a citrus aroma and are usually more energizing or better for enhancing creativity.

Hybrid strains come from cross-breeding two strains together. They can be a mixture of indica and sativa, or a hybrid bred with anything else, and can resemble either parent. The effects of a hybrid strain depend on its lineage.

It was once believed that cannabis plants could be classified by physical appearance. Indica plants were described as broad, short plants with wide leaves and dense buds, while sativa plants were tall with narrow leaves. Separating flower using these labels has been helpful, but after decades of crossbreeding plants, it has become more complex than these three classifications.

Keep in mind that cannabis can affect each person differently, and the sensation experienced is determined by each person’s individual needs, life experience, and brain chemistry.

Ultimately, each cannabis strain (and each plant within it) is unique. Terpene content, cannabinoid percentage and effects can vary, so don’t put yourself in a box. Try different strains across categories to find out what you like.

Our fragrant California cannabis strains can put you into any state of mind you want. Consuming is easy—just grind your flower into smaller pieces and roll them into a joint, or place it into the bowl of a bong or pipe.

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Pre-Rolls: Ready to Smoke Right Out of the Box

Great for beginners or those in a hurry, marijuana pre-rolls are a convenient way to enjoy flower. When you urgently need to boost your mood, grab a pre-roll to get into a stress-free state of mind without any extra hassle.

Just light up your pre-rolled weed and breathe the cannabis into your lungs, holding on to each inhale for 3–5 seconds before exhaling. Start with one or two puffs to see how you feel before you continue. Don’t feel like you have to smoke it all at once. You can have half and save the rest for later.

Cannabis Concentrates: Dabs, Edibles, Vapes, and More

Aside from flower and pre-rolls, the majority of our products are made with highly-concentrated cannabis extracts.

You can purchase and directly consume this extract, usually referred to as a “concentrate” or “dab” by itself (or use it to make your own recipes). There are many names and forms, and we carry a wide selection—everything from crumbly kief to glass-like shatter. You can top your flower with some looser concentrates, but the majority of concentrates require tools (like a dab rig) to enjoy.

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Try Vape Pens—Discreet and Easy to Use

Vape pens are hands-down the most convenient way to enjoy cannabis concentrates. Try a disposable vape or get the premium experience with New Normal’s proprietary battery system for a smooth, powerful THC sensation.

Try this smokeless alternative by inhaling a small amount of vapor. Hold it as long as you’re comfortable with before exhaling, and make sure to pace yourself. Here’s our vape trick: To prevent clogging, store your vape carts vertically. Whether you’re buying New Normal vapes or any other brand, storing your cannabis correctly can keep your high-end hardware in ideal shape.

Cannabis Edibles: Weed Gummies, CBD Chocolate, and More

People’s has everything from cannabis-infused gummies to cookies and chocolate bars, and you can surely find your favorite treat with a THC twist. Have a sweet and enjoy the effects of CBD and THC without ever inhaling (hello, Bill Clinton). When trying edibles, make sure to only take one serving, then wait up to two hours to notice effects.

Supplement With THC Sublinguals and Cannabis Gel Capsules

Sublinguals and gel capsules are the most discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis. Add these to your morning multivitamin regimen and no one will be the wiser. With everything from tinctures to tabs, People’s is here to help you build a stash. Each product contains dosage instructions on the box, so make sure to read them thoroughly for best results.

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Topical CBD Creams and THC Rubs Help Relieve Stress

We think cannabis topicals are an essential health and wellness product. Skin balms for soothing self-massage and CBD-infused patches for targeted relief are among our many options, so come explore. These are great for daily use. Topicals do not intoxicate, but some subdermal patches may introduce THC into the bloodstream.

Cannabis for Pets: What to Get?

People’s has a few options for your furry friends. Made with pet-safe formulas for the general health of all your little buddies, our CBD pet products are great for the health and healing of your constant companion. Make sure to follow the instructions on the package for correct dosing of your baby—the amount you should give your pet varies based on their size.

Where to Learn About Cannabis

People’s makes it fun to learn about cannabis, online and off. Visit our Santa Ana store for a personal consultation with one of our Guides, sign up for our email newsletter, or check out our blog to find out more about the greatest plant in the world. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help. We look forward to your next People’s visit!

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