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Conquering the Orange County Outdoors With Cannabis

By December 8, 2020April 25th, 2022No Comments

Between the warmer-than-average weather and the lack of tourist traffic, there’s no better time to explore Orange County than now. We think there’s no better pairing for our locally-grown California cannabis than the great outdoors. Turn off your phone and try out our tips for getting into a Golden State of mind.

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Cannabis and the Classic California Road Trip

There’s never been a better time to channel your inner Kerouac and head out into the OC outdoors. You don’t have to go full-on Dharma Bum—just make a list of the trails you’ve always wanted to try and start checking them off one by one. Pack some snacks and drive over to the Potato Chip Rock hike trailhead. Pop a high-dose gummy at the bottom—by the time you get to the peak, you’ll have some major potato chip munchies. Time for a picnic!

Cannabis Yoga

Cannabis yoga is a great way to integrate cannabis into your wake-up routine. If you’re not a wake-and-baker, no worries! People’s carries a wide selection of topicals. Apply some CBD lotion to your sore spots and enjoy its soothing effects as you carry yourself into your yoga poses.

When it comes to outdoor yoga classes, Orange County has plenty of options—but for the extra-cautious, online yoga might be where it’s at. Either way, some of the best yoga teachers are now offering discounted and free classes. Take advantage while you can!

Marijuana Movie Marathon

There’s nothing like pairing a classic “stoner movie” with your favorite cannabis products.

Put on The Big Lebowski and try to match The Dude’s supernatural ability to smoke pre-rolls, or go old-school with Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke.

Smoke and Surf

If you’ve been wishing you could ride the waves like Kelly Slater, then it’s time to try! Start slow by picking up a boogie board at a local surf shop, and ask them for a good beginner board when you feel ready to go pro. After your surf sesh, reward yourself with ocean-grown cannabis and enjoy the view.

Cannabis Campout in San Clemente

Did you know that you can go car camping at San Onofre State Beach? It’s true, and we highly recommend you give it a go. San Onofre camping guarantees the best views around—and some incredible waves, if that’s your thing. While you can’t smoke weed on the beach in California, you can probably pack in a few THC gummies—we won’t tell.

This beach has great tide pools, so hunt around for starfish and sea anemones to take pictures of. Don’t forget to share your photos with People’s when you’ve finished your digital detox—we’d love to see your cannabis-inspired adventures!

California Cannabis: Bringing Orange County to a Higher Level

We hope that our tips for using cannabis to inspire your outdoor adventures helps you have fun and enjoy the great outdoors. Cannabis is a great complement to the California lifestyle, and People’s is all about the California love. With our wide selection of cannabis softgels and vapes, CBD edibles and more, we’re here to make sure you can always find the right product for your needs and wants.

People’s is a Santa Ana dispensary offering both medical and recreational cannabis for the canna-connoisseur. Located near Irvine, Costa Mesa, and other central Orange County cities, People’s is the perfect place to stock up for your camping trips and Netflix nights. Can’t make it up to the shop? No worries—we also offer free OC delivery. See you soon!

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