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Everything You Should Know About Transdermal Cannabis Products

By October 31, 2019April 25th, 2022No Comments

Marijuana products vary greatly in how they’re made, what their purpose is, and how they’re used. So it’s no surprise that one of the newest and most unique ways to consume weed comes in the form of modern cannabis transdermal patches.

But wait. Before you go to your California recreational dispensary of choice to check out their selection of transdermal weed products, you should inform yourself about how these patches work and which ones best suit your needs.

In previous articles, we explained what infused marijuana products are, and how cannabis can stop migraines in their tracks. Today, we delve deeper into the ins and outs of transdermal cannabis products. Keep reading to learn more.

Everything You Should Know About Transdermal Cannabis Products | People's California

What are transdermal cannabis products?

Transdermal patches (also known as transdermal delivery systems, or TDDS) have existed for more than four decades. In 1979, the FDA green-lighted a scopolamine patch for motion sickness. Other transdermal patches soon followed, including a nitroglycerin patch for patients who suffer from heart problems, and a tobacco patch that helps people kick their smoking habit.

In short, a transdermal marijuana patch enables you to get your daily dose of marijuana without the need for joints, blunts, edibles, bongs, tinctures, or creams. It’s a thin piece of plastic (similar to a band-aid) that’s been infused with cannabis and coated with an adhesive. Simply stick it to a venous part of your body and get the full benefit of the weed’s recreational and medicinal effects.

The benefits of transdermal cannabis patches include:

    • Whole-body relief. With a transdermal patch, the weed is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the skin. This is where transdermal delivery truly shines, as it allows the cannabis to quickly spread through your bloodstream and provide relief for your entire body, rather than targeting just a single area.

Everything You Should Know About Transdermal Cannabis Products | People's California

  • Pain relief. Whether you’re suffering from a chronic condition such as arthritis, dealing with postoperative pain, or you’ve had a mishap that left a part of your body bruised and sore, a transdermal weed patch allows you to lessen the pain without getting high.
  • Time-released relief. Unlike a joint or an edible, which instantly hits your system with a marijuana dose and then tapers off, transdermal patches gradually release cannabinoids into your bloodstream over a period of 4-6 hours. For this reason, transdermal weed products are great for treating postoperative pain and similar problems.
  • It’s not psychoactive. Because your body slowly absorbs the cannabinoids over a period of multiple hours, there’s never enough THC in your bloodstream to get you high. This makes marijuana patches an excellent choice for people who want to remain productive while treating a certain condition.
  • They’re discreet. If you light up a blunt (even if it’s for medical reasons) in public, such as at the Knott’s Berry Farm, you’ll likely be fined (or worse). With a transdermal marijuana patch, you can easily stick one on your body and wear a shirt that covers it. This allows you to get your dosage without drawing unwanted attention or breaking the law.
  • Less-intense munchies. It’s well-known that marijuana stimulates hunger. While this is great for people who are undergoing chemotherapy or dealing with some other serious illness, it may not be a desirable side-effect for you. As transdermal cannabis patches don’t induce munchies, they’re an excellent choice for individuals who wish to get the effects of weed without increasing their appetite.

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