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How Cannabis Can Enhance Your Training

By December 10, 2018April 26th, 2022No Comments

Marijuana products that you can receive through recreational dispensary delivery are generally thought of as discomfort relievers and/or relaxing activities to be enjoyed after a taxing workday. They’re also used as a way to wind down after intense exercise. But what about using them before doing any of those things? Can cannabis that is sold at the best dispensary in Orange County CA really enhance your physical prowess?

Before you start typing “super strength weed” in the search bar of California’s dispensary websites, here are some tips that will help you achieve the most relaxed workout of your life.

Do pro athletes actually endorse marijuana?

You bet they do! An ever-rising number of professional athletes claim they use weed as an exercising aid for activities such as lifting, swimming, fighting, running, and so on. They either swear by using marijuana as-is, or by using some of its isolated ingredients. These ingredients include CBD (cannabidiol) and even THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). The latter is actually the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis!

Their reasons for using weed differ. Aside from lessening anxiety, marijuana and its active ingredients can heighten the pain threshold, meaning the athletes can train longer and harder than without it.

How can weed received through recreational dispensary delivery help you exercise?

Blood concentrations of marijuana reach their peak in about 3-8 minutes of inhaling. This method is superior to just eating the weed, which can take as long as an hour and a half to work. And while THC can impair complex task or critical thinking, both THC and  CBD can be extremely useful in exercise.

The training benefits are many. The pain-numbing effects make it easier for athletes to endure a strenuous workout session. Furthermore, the well-documented bronchodilatory effects of weed make breathing easier during intense effort. A fighter who takes a proper dose of THC can experience benefits such as focus, creativity, and an increased resistance to pain.

The secret is in choosing the right marijuana strain

If any weed bought through recreational dispensary delivery could turn someone into an athlete, the world would be populated by action heroes! It’s crucial that you understand your own needs and know what strain will best meet them. The majority of strains fall in two groups: indicas and sativas. Indicas are the calming weeds, while sativas are the ones that produce the stimulating experiences cannabis is famous for.

So ask yourself: what could you use more of in your exercising? If it’s motivation, go for sativas. If it’s a way to make recovery easier, then indicas might be just what you need. As an added benefit, recreational dispensary delivery can bring these valuable products straight to your door!

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