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What Types of Cannabis Can You Buy at Weed Stores?

By June 28, 2019April 27th, 2022No Comments

“What are recreational marijuana stores near me open now?” might just be the most often asked thing about cannabis dispensaries. It’s a great question for sure, but it’s not the only one you should be wondering about. For example, have you ever stopped to ask: “What kind of weed can I buy at dispensaries?”

Although this may not seem like a problem at first glance, the reality is that the sheer selection of different cannabis products available at a dispensary will likely catch you off-guard. There are a million different types of buds, edibles, accessories, and other products.

But wait, can’t you buy all of these items? How much weed are you allowed to own, anyway? How is marijuana taxed? Where are you allowed to smoke cannabis? Keep reading to discover the answers to some of these common questions.

Where can I legally buy marijuana in California?

Proposition 64, also known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, has made the sale and use of recreational and medicinal weed 100% legal across California. This means that the stores that obtain the necessary permits can lawfully sell cannabis to anyone who is 21 years of age, or older.

Features that make a great marijuana dispensary include:

  • A massive selection of top-quality cannabis products designed to provide relaxation or symptom relief.
  • Personable and efficient budtenders who can help you choose the right product for your needs and make your buying experience that much smoother.
  • Pleasant, spacious premises.
  • A cutting-edge website that contains a wealth of information on cannabis in California in addition to an easy-to-use online catalog and secure payment system.
  • A hassle-free delivery service that can swiftly and reliably bring your marijuana to you.

Of course, it bears mentioning that you need a valid identification to enter a dispensary. This ID can be a state-issued identification, a driver’s license, or a passport if you’re not a US citizen. Whatever ID you use, it must include a recognizable photograph.

What forms of marijuana can I buy?

Package of marijuana buds

If you’re a legal adult (21+ years old), there really are no limits on what types of weed you can buy at a dispensary. California law allows you to own up to 0,28 ounces of cannabis concentrate, and up to an ounce of marijuana buds.

This can come in the form of edibles, lotions, cremes, buds, extract, tincture, pre-roll, patch, or even live plants. Just remember that whatever product you buy, you’re only allowed to consume it in your private residence, or at a designated location such as a weed lounge.

Of course, every rule has an exception. If you’re an individual who is 18-20 years old, but shows a doctor’s prescription for a specific medicinal cannabis product, you will be allowed to buy that product.

How much tax will I pay?

Starting with January 2018, the state of California started imposing a 15% excise tax on all marijuana purchases of medical or recreational weed products. In addition to this, the state and the local municipalities also collect the sales tax, which varies depending on location.

To figure out how much you pay after taxes, use this formula:

  • Retail price + 15% excise tax = subtotal subtotal + sales tax = final cost.

What are the top-notch recreational marijuana stores near me open now?

There’s only one true answer to this question, and it is: People’s OC. As the biggest cannabis dispensary in California, we are superbly qualified to attend to all your marijuana-related needs.

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