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Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas for the Cannabis-Friendly Mom

By May 6, 2021April 26th, 2022No Comments

After giving birth to you, feeding you, and raising you, Mom deserves at least one day to herself to rest and recuperate. People’s knows all about how to relax, and we’re here to help Mom learn (cannabis doesn’t hurt!). Let us help you make this Mother’s Day stress-free with these tips and ideas.

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Mother’s Day 2021 Celebration Ideas

Your mom is an incredible woman, and today is the day to make sure she knows it. Treat her to a cannabis-infused brunch, an at-home spa day, or something special that’s suited for her unique tastes. Not sure where to start? People’s has some Mother’s Day celebration ideas that will get you unstuck.

A Relaxing Mother’s Day Celebration for the Mom Who’s Always Busy

If Mom is always on the go, give her a day to relax. Encourage her to settle into the couch with a nice, strong indica and put on a classic stoner movie like Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke or Reefer Madness. Bring her some healthy snacks and make sure she’s stocked up on all the weed she could possibly need. If she needs to run any errands, get them done for her to make sure she can truly let go and enjoy the experience.

An At-Home Cannabis Spa Day for Mom

If potent California cannabis won’t cut it for Mom, follow up her movie marathon with a D.I.Y. marijuana home spa. Start with a cannabis green tea face mask, then ply her with CBD treats until you know she’s all blissed out.

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A Cannabis Cooking Class With the Best Chef in the World: Mom

Does Mom make the best food ever? The answer is obviously yes. Be her sous chef and do some cannabis cooking together. Not sure where to start? Homemade cannabutter is an easy way to infuse your favorite side dishes with THC. Prefer something sweet? Pick any dessert recipe and replace the regular chocolate with weed chocolate. Yum!

A Mother’s Day Hike for the Outdoorsy Mom

The best way to conquer the Orange County outdoors is with cannabis. Get Mom off of Facebook and show her the best hiking OC has to offer. From Top of the World to El Moro, there are plenty of hiking trails with beautiful ocean views for trekkers of all levels. Pop a gummy and get going!

A Mother’s Day Shopping Spree: Cannabis Edition

Take Mom out to shop until she drops! If she’s down for a trip to your favorite dispensary in Orange County, drop by People’s. If not, no worries—take her to all of her favorite spots instead. Our guides are fast, friendly, and the service is fee-free. Make sure Mom gets the day she deserves, then reward yourself for doing well by ordering free cannabis delivery.

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